Conferences of the Decolonial School “Commune or Nothingness” in Lara ended successfully

Lara, April 21, 2023 (Mincomunas Press) – After three days of intense training, the Decolonial School “Commune or Nothing” conferences successfully ended this Friday at the Governor’s Office of Lara State.

On the last day of the meeting, the leaders of the ten states of the western region debated and reflected on the theme: “The Commune as a necessity in the face of the world geopolitical crisis, in the face of imperialist Monroism and for the defense and security of the nation.”

Once again, international intellectuals Ramon Grosfoguel (Puerto Rico) and Katya Colmenares (Mexico) delivered master classes highlighting the importance of decolonizing the Communes. They are Venezuela’s only alternative to face the civilizational crisis of the planet.

Intellectual Grosfoguel began his intervention by analyzing world geopolitics and the risks faced by Latin American countries. Especially after the crisis of the neoliberalism cycle in Venezuela, the imperialist hegemony cycle of the United States, and the civilizational cycle.

“All these cycles went into crisis in 2020. Currently, the modern economic system is in decline. This situation has generated that the elites intend to create a single world government and put an end to the sovereign countries of the third world. In the face of this new escalation of imperialism, the Commune is the only epicenter of resistance and security to defend sovereignty”.

He stressed that “in this historical moment we are living, where there is an ecological catastrophe that is leading the planet to destruction, each commune member must be a militia member and each militia member must be a commune member (…). In the face of the imperialist onslaught, we must communalize the economy. We must communalize power”.

Communal pedagogy

In this sense, Professor Katya Colmenares asserted that it is necessary to transform the human being. For this, we must develop a communal pedagogy, a pedagogy of the community, “this has to be in the center, of the heart of our priorities within the Communes. We have to start creating communal pedagogy in our children, from the woman’s womb, at home”.

He also stated that we must move from being social movements to community movements, where the struggle for better living conditions not only benefit the environment we live in but the whole territory.

For his part, Hernan Vargas, Vice Minister of Communal Economy, added that as instructed by President Nicolas Maduro, it is fundamental to fight for independence and advance in the decolonization process of society.

“In this school, we assume that there is no way to decolonize without building Communes, and there is no way to make Communes without decolonizing (…). In this rebirth stage, we must create spaces for debate and reflection to advance in the construction of socialism”, he pointed out.

Spokespersons socialize experiences

Communal leader Norkis Ramos from the Communal Economic Coffee Circuit of Lara State acknowledged and congratulated the People’s Power Ministry for Communes and Social Movements and the international intellectuals for creating these training spaces to advance in the construction of the Communes.

Likewise, spokesman Johander Pineda, from El Maizal Commune in Lara state, pointed out that after listening to the different presentations, they agreed that “it is necessary to put technologies at the service of the Commune, create agro-ecological and recycling practices to protect the environment and consolidate communal economic circuits to give value to the production of peasants and producers.”

Meanwhile, Edelmira Rivas, from the Potato Communal Economic Circuit in Merida state, added that they would promote the creation of productive integral farm schools to carry out activities related to nature, the rural world, and respect for the environment.

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