Lara: The People’s Power debates on the Commune as an alternative to the civilizational crisis of the planet

Lara, April 19, 2023 (Mincomunas Press) – This Wednesday, as part of the ongoing activities promoted by the Decolonial School Commune or Nothing, 60 leaders of the People’s Power organized from eight states of the country, specifically from the western region, gathered at the headquarters of Lara State Government to debate on the Commune, as an alternative to the civilizational crisis of the planet, and to socialize experiences on different areas of communal management.

Hernan Vargas, Vice Minister of Communal Economy, accompanied the meeting, scheduled from Wednesday 19 to Friday 21, so that the Commune spokespersons can also reflect on relevant topics such as the Commune as a real hope for the future, as a way of life of equality and justice; The Commune as a necessity in the face of the world geopolitical crisis, against imperialist Monroism, and for the defense and security of the nation.

In this context, Lidice Altuve, president of the School for the Strengthening of the People’s Power, asserted that this activity was possible thanks to the People’s Power Ministry for the Communes and Social Movements and the Decolonial School Commune or Nothing.

“We plan to hold other training and knowledge exchange meetings with the Decolonial School of the Eastern region in August and with the Central region communards in October. By the end of the year, we want to hold an international seminar,” he said.

Working Groups

The spokeswoman Petra Cedeño, from Apure state, stated that this assembly enabled the community members to reflect on their work to face the crisis, the blockades, and the sanctions from their territory.

“It is important that we execute the projects according to what all the spokespersons and social movements decide in assembly. We cannot allow egocentrism or individualism”.

Likewise, the Communal Economic Circuit leader Norkis Ramos, from the Coffee Communal Economic Circuit of Lara State, added that they produce food in their commune, and create their own productive patios to face the high prices of foodstuffs.

Finally, during this first meeting, the spokespersons presented the productive projects promoted in their territories and the organizational processes implemented promoting the Communal Economic Circuits.

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