El Maizal Commune shows productive experiences to international intellectuals

Lara, April 19, 2023 (Mincomunas Press) – This Wednesday, spokespersons of the Commune El Maizal in Lara state showed their productive experiences to international intellectuals Ramon Grosfoguel, from Puerto Rico and Katya Colmenares, from Mexico. Both visited the entity to participate in the cycle of Conferences promoted by the People’s Power Ministry for Communes and Social Movements through the Decolonial School Commune or Nothing.

In the company of Hernan Vargas, Vice-Minister of Communal Economy, the intellectuals toured the Commune to learn about this successful experience in foodstuffs production as corn and productive self-management and political organization on the way to the Communal City.

Likewise, they visited the Hugo Chavez Square, the Maestra Isabel Gonzalez Bolivarian School, the Argelia Laya Educational Complex, which is under construction, the Argelia Laya High School, the Compañero Armando Bonilla Food Collection Center, the Ezequiel Zamora, Camilo Cien Fuegos and Argimiro Gabaldon Direct Communal Social Property Companies (EPSDC), the latter dedicated to cattle raising.

Producer Yeferson Perez pointed out that they work in food processing, raising cattle, pigs, and dairy cattle.

Lana Vielma, a spokeswoman for the El Maizal Commune, spoke about the history of the Commune, highlighting that it has 24 Communal Councils from the states of Lara and Portuguesa.

“In these lands, we have a distribution chain of corn, coffee, beans, and vegetables. All our products go directly to the people at solidarity prices since we do not have intermediaries”.

El Maizal is an example of organization and self-government

Researcher Grosfoguel stated that the process of making the economy commune in Venezuela is impressive, especially in El Maizal. This Commune is an example of livestock, corn, and service production. El Maizal has great potential and can advance in the construction of the Communal City,” he pointed out.

Similarly, the philosopher Colmenares said she was surprised by the Commune’s organizational capacity, “there is much we can learn from them, from their hegemony and self-government.”

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