Barinas: example of popular planning and action

Barinas, April 14, 2023 (Mincomunas Press) – At the installation of the Expo Gobierno 2023 in Barinas state, the People’s Power Minister for Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, presented the different levels of government and the conformation of the fourth Communal Cabinet of Public Services in the Corazon de Jesus parish.

Arreaza attended with the Minister of Planning, Ricardo Menendez; Mayor of Barinas, Rafael Paredes; Agustin Codazzi Communal Council spokesmen, as well as heads, managers, and directors of each one of the institutions linked to services.

“This is the best gift we believe we can give them, the People’s Power, the Communal Councils of this parish, and all the institutions of the four levels of Government,” he said during a direct broadcast with the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro.

There were authorities from the Ministry of Water, Hidroandes, Corpoelec, the Ministry of Works, Ministry of Transportation, Cantv, and Pdvsa Gas present.

“We are sitting in Communal Government Cabinets, rescuing the People’s Power line, and ten years without Commander Hugo Chavez thanks to your resilience. The People’s Power gets stronger, the Bolivarian Revolution goes to its strategic objective, which is to build socialism from the territory.”

People’s Power Planning

For his part, Ricardo Menendez, Minister of Planning, announced the figure of 1 million 538 thousand people trained in people’s planning massive courses until last Thursday. He also announced 74 thousand People’s Power organizations and ten thousand loads of solution maps from different communities and neighborhoods of our country, out of the more than 46 thousand existing in the nation.

“Venezuela is stating its position on the change in the public policies design of a revolutionary government. It says that public policies are designed with the people, directly at the grassroots, and they decide the direction we should take.”

Menendez assured that direct democracy is the fundamental theme of the Bolivarian Revolution and that is why it is so important to articulate with the organized people and “the maps of solutions are as transcendent as they are important,” he said.

He stressed that one of the fundamental elements of the first government of President Nicolas Maduro was the collective mandate to assume the street governments as a doctrine, also unity, “because, without unity, the vision of invasion in our territory would have advanced.”

“What we are celebrating as a country is that we remain as a republic, and we are leaning towards 2030 as a revolutionary construction”, he added.

Map of solutions

Yarimar Vargas, a spokeswoman of the Agustin Codazzi Communal Council, informed that the formation of these work tables seeks to prioritize the proposals and solutions to the problems in the parish.

“We are in articulation with the 46 Communal Councils in our parish, 2 Communes, 27 UBCH, 103 community leaders, 667 street leaders, four bases of Missions, and course with the representation of each institution to provide these answers.”

Maria Alejandra Castillo, state director of the Federal Council of Government, highlighted the joint work of the national government management hand in hand with the five Bolivarian mayors in the entity.

“This is the fourth cabinet of popular government installed in the Barinas municipality and, for us as institutions of the people and national and municipal government, we are pleased to serve the organized people, and it is here that we must continue to set an example at the national level.”

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