People’s Power Government Cabinets installed in Acevedo with the spokespersonship of 270 Communal Councils

Acevedo Municipality, Miranda State, April 12, 2023 (Press Mincomunas) – This Wednesday, in a further advance in the construction of the People’s Power Government System promoted by the People’s Po

wer Ministry for Communes and Social Movements (MPPCMS), the Cabinets of Communal Government were installed in the Acevedo municipality of Miranda State, to articulate efforts, competencies, and capacities of the different levels of public management to solve the needs prioritized by the inhabitants, raised by their spokesmen and spokeswomen.

Cesar Carrero, Vice-Minister of Organization and Communal and Social Participation of the MPPCMS, explained that these cabinets aim at jointly seeking the solution to the problems of the municipality by summoning the participation of the spokespersons of the 270 elected Communal Councils in this territory, spokespersons of the different areas, such as public services, social, economy; in each area that make up the work units of the Communal Councils.

He pointed out that the communal spokespersons participate in the structures of the Cabinets and directions of the different levels of government, “together building the System of Popular Government, which is the perfect articulation between the institutionality of the national, regional and municipal governments and the spokespersons of the Communal Councils and the Communes; all articulated looking for the solution of the problems and the greatest possible happiness for the people.”

The Mayor of the Acevedo municipality, Jose Miguel Oliveros, indicated that they are financing projects equivalent to 4 thousand dollars to all the Communal Councils. “We have 92 Communal Councils financed to date and a great controllership that we do from the direction of Communes of our municipality, where we are going to guarantee that they make these projects effective”.

He announced that they conform in the municipality the Communal School, which will help the Communal Councils to guarantee that the projects are executed effectively and on time. “In Acevedo, we continue believing and trusting in the People’s Power,” affirmed the Mayor.

Belgica Pereira, a spokeswoman for public services of the Communal Council Los Samanes, Comuna Chuspita, parish Caucagua, congratulated the work of the political team of the Mayor’s Office, always at the service of the people, “We have always been hand in hand with electricity, gas, with water we are working with deep wells. We have weaknesses but are also confident that soon these weaknesses will become strengths, working in a direct link, both the street chief, community chief, parish chief, the directors of the services, and Mayor Oliveros”.

The spokesman of the economy of the Communal Council casco El Café, Comuna Cafecito de Bolívar, El Café parish, Julian Hernandez, explained the experience and efficiency they developed by asking the community how they wanted the resources allocated by the government to be invested, and taking into account all the opinions, prioritizing the water service, so the official financing was invested in the adequacy of a deep well, purchase of pumps, construction of the electric board and replacement of pipes for the community Alí Primera, which had been without piped water supply for a long time.

He added that some resources were invested for the repair and provision of the Simoncito, repair of the church, beautification, and adequacy of the Bolivar square.

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