Economic Circuits receive training on communal indicators

Lara, March 30, 2023 (Mincomunas Press) – This Thursday and Friday, the Communal Economic Circuits (CEC) and Community Economic Zones (ZEC) spokespersons of the country’s western region participated in the Communal Indicators Training Workshop and in a special registration day for the People’s Power organizations, to continue advancing and strengthening the productive processes in each communal space.

The workshop took place in the Alcides Lozada Bolivarian School, in the Andres Eloy Blanco municipality, in Lara state, and counted with the participation of the People’s Power Minister for Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza; the Vice-Minister of Communal Economy, Hernan Vargas; Sandino Marcano, General Director of the Strategic Office for the Follow-up and Evaluation of Public Policies; and spokespersons of the corn, coffee, potato, and cocoa economic circuits, and of the economic zones of Jají, Merida State, and Anaco, Anzoategui State.

During the meeting, Minister Arreaza expressed the need to build a system of measurements and indicators to show the people, the government, and private entrepreneurs the real and concrete capacities of the People’s Power.

“President Nicolas Maduro is a faithful believer of the people, and the People’s Power has been in its struggles. Their difficulties in repositioning communes and strengthening them depend on us. If we do not provide the tools and indicate what we produce, the quality of the products, how they distribute them, and the investment of the surpluses, he alone cannot show the people what we are capable of,” he said.

Minister Arreaza urged to work with the Information and Communication System (SINCO), which is a powerful tool, “one of the few systems that also have a continuity since 2014; it has just transformed, it is no longer a system for the uploading of projects only, but a system for communication between grassroots organizations”.

Communal Economic Coffee Circuit

For her part, Norkys Ramos, spokeswoman of the Economic Coffee Circuit of the Moran municipality in Lara state, presented the proposals that resulted from the work tables. These are related to the grassroots organizations and social movements measurement in the territory, whether or not they are associated with the circuit. “The indicators should serve the circuit’s policies development beyond reporting to the ministry or another entity.”

The communal leader emphasized that “it is necessary to constantly monitor the whole process, from the seed to the harvesting period, and to indicate the updating time of each indicator according to the harvest, profitability, and category, as well as the commercialization and exportation of the production.”

Mairelis Escalona, the spokeswoman of the Planning Board of the Coffee Economic Circuit, detailed that in the Moran municipality, two parishes are hosting eight Communes composed of 128 Communal Councils. “We have a Direct Communal Viality Production Company, in addition to the company Café Cardenal, with which we have an alliance for coffee roasting. We have 200 producers with 1,200 hectares available for coffee producing of 14,400 quintals approximately for the next harvest, and 128 producers financed by the Bicentennial Bank linked to the company”.

Corn Economic Circuit

Billy Franck Rivas, from the Comandante Hugo Chavez Communal Economic Zone in Anaco, thanked for the meeting and expressed that these spaces allow expression of what the People’s Power does in each one of the territories.

“In this recruitment, carried out throughout the territory, 15 producers joined the work plan, and SINCO introduced nine projects”, he said.

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