Communal Management Cabinet installed in Yaracuy

Yaracuy, March 30, 2023 (Mincomunas Press) – The People’s Minister for Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, installed the first Communal Management Cabinet of Yaracuy state this Thursday in the municipality of Peña to articulate and manage public policies among the different levels of government.

During the activity, they activated the work committees in three areas: social, public services, and integral security, of the Communes Francisco de Miranda, Nuestro Norte es el Sur, Seguiremos Teniendo Patria, Comandante Supremo, Dios es mi Amigo, and Agua Linda.

Arreaza highlighted on the seventh anniversary of the Local Supply and Production Committees (Clap) project was born in this entity, that Yaracuy is at the organizational vanguard.

He also congratulated its governor, Julio Leon Heredia, for the accompaniment provided to the people. “We are trying to generate this exercise of the cabinets. We will work these first three to focus on the economic one,” the Minister informed.

He highlighted the creation of the Communal Economic Circuits (CEC) throughout the country and promoted the “Made in Communes” management model to protect production in the communes to allow the sowing of surpluses.

“We are working with State companies, Ministries, and Public Services and each one of them has a purpose, but we have to plan with the people sitting at exchange tables to know the problems,” he added.

Seeds to produce

For his part, Governor Julio Leon Heredia emphasized that Yaracuyans believe that the Communes are essential for socialism and highlighted three fundamental pillars: organization, knowledge, and the transfer of competencies.

“That is why we have taken over 10 thousand projects to our state of Yaracuy. It is true that we have contributed as a people to the organization. I believe that the most important thing is not the food contribution, but the possibility that we can mutually relate and see what problems we have”, he said.

The governor informed us they produce tomatoes, paprika, sweet bell pepper, lettuce, onion, chives, carrots, and chard seeds.

“We have to assume the production. We had a slogan to sow until we win. The Peña experience was outstanding. How much do we need to produce? The will and the desire to want to do things,” he added.

Services for the people

Angel Gonzalez, a spokesman for the technical table of public services, detailed the agreements reached concerning water, energy, and telecommunications.

Regarding water and sanitation, they planned the inspection of a spring water adduction project in the Comandante Supremo Socialist Commune sector to a boosted tank that is already available to solve the water problem.

“If we achieve the development of this project, we would be providing a solution to the water problem to all the sectors we have in that area and also to part of the Peña and Yaritagua municipalities; Aguas de Yaracuy is assuming the commitment to carry out the inspections,” he explained.

He mentioned, regarding telecommunications, that one of the projects for further development is the expansion of the telecommunications networks and create Social Property Companies (EPS) to provide service to the communities.

As for energy, he recalled some sectors that must complete the electrification projects undertaken thanks to the governor and the mayor’s efforts.

“What they lack is a little more investment. We have the human resources. However, in the technical part, Corpoelec is committed to carrying out the inspection as soon as possible to advance consolidating those spaces,” he added.

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