Afro-Venezuelan People’s Power evaluates compliance with the National Afro-descendant Decade 2015-2024

Caracas, March 28, 2023 (Press Mincomunas) – This Tuesday, representatives of the Afro-Venezuelan People’s Power diagnosed the status of compliance with the program of activities of the National Afro-descendant Decade 2015-2024.

The activity took place within the framework of the National Council for the Development of Afro-descendant Communities (Conadecafro) 11th anniversary with the accompaniment of Fernando Rodriguez, Vice-Minister of Communes and Social Movements, as well as representatives of the Ministries of Defense, Culture, Foreign Affairs, Ecosocialism, Minci and spokespersons of the Popular Power of the states of Zulia, Trujillo, Merida, and Falcon, among others.

It is relevant to highlight that during the meeting, they created five working groups focused on the dimensions characterized in the agenda: Recognition, Justice, Development, Inclusion, and Peace.

During her speech, Maria Isabel Blanco Sifontes, president of the National Council for the Development of Afro-descendant Communities, said that they waited for this meeting for a long time. “President Nicolas Maduro decreed the national policy of the design in 2018. From that date to now, there is a task to fulfill that involves all of us.”

He stated that, during May, they should deliver the result obtained from the activity would be relevant input to build a country report to the United Nations.

He explained that the Afro-Venezuelan figure in public institutions is an achievement of the Afro-descendant social organizations in the search for benefits and vindications for this relevant community.

The decade focuses on protecting the rights of people of African descent, recognizing their contributions, and preserving their rich cultural heritage.

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