School uniforms with the communal seal were delivered in the parish of 23 de Enero

Caracas, March 22, 2023 (Press Mincomunas) – This Wednesday, within the framework of the Communal Textile Plan 2023, there was an endowment of school uniforms made by the communal company Abejitas del Panal to the students of the Manuel Palacio Fajardo National Bolivarian Educational Unit, in 23 de Enero parish, in Caracas.

The school kits consisted of flannel, overalls, chemise, and pants. Their prices estimate at around Bs. 194 to cover production costs and to continue financing the projects to benefit the most vulnerable communities.

“Some uniforms made by their mothers, fathers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers. The people made them. We are getting used to it, but when the extraordinary becomes ordinary, it is because we are in Revolution”, said the People’s Power Minister for Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza.

Arreaza highlighted this industrialization of the neighborhoods and the creation of an Industrial Bank of Communal Development, where they will deposit the surpluses (profits) of these uniforms to give continuity to the socio-productive agenda in the sector.

“If we act in time this year, we can make all the uniforms for the schools in Caracas, we will have to look for some source of financing, but if we raise the scale to a complete city production, surely next year we will not need financing, but the surpluses will pay for the next production cycle,” he explained.

Community member Robert Longa delivered some washing machines for the community. He explained that no productive entity of the Panal 2021 Commune operates under an individual payroll. They all respond to a collective monitoring and control platform.

“From these months onwards, all projects that enter the Commune will be public for the entire population, for monitoring and control, because the only way to attack corruption is with verification,” he said.

For his part, Jose Lugo, from the Social Property Company (EPSC) Abejitas del Panal, explained that it was born in 2012 and started thanks to a contribution from the then-head of the Government of the Capital District, Jaqueline Farias.

Lugo also thanked Hernan Vargas, Vice Minister of Communal Economy, for his support through Fondemi, which served as an impulse to start making the school uniforms now delivered nationwide.

“If we want to end poverty, we must transfer power to the people,” he said, recalling the words of Commander Hugo Chavez, who dreamed of changing the economic model to a communal one.

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