Made in Communes: School uniforms are delivered in Delta Amacuro through the Textile Plan

Delta Amacuro, March 22, 2023 (Mincomunas Press) – As part of the Communal Textile Plan 2022-2023, this Wednesday, there were 498 school uniform kits delivered to boys and girls of initial education of different schools in the Tucupita municipality, Delta Amacuro state.

Of these 498 kits, 121 correspond to C.E.I.S. Maria Montessori of San Jose parish, 165 to C.E.I.S. Jokoji Aejobona, Virgen Del Valle parish, and 212 to C.E.I.B. Tucupita of Argimiro Garcia Espinoza parish.

Fernando Rodriguez, Vice-Minister of Communes and Social Movements, accompanied by the various socio-productive organizations, presided over the delivery, stating that “despite the blockade and sanctions, the national, regional and municipal governments are making an important effort to continue promoting this plan to support the most vulnerable families of the territory.”

He pointed out that these uniforms are made by the Communes, Family Production Units (UPF), and Deltan socio-productive organizations to benefit the entity’s children.

In this sense, Wilman Dicuru, director of the Ministry of Communes in the state of Delta Amacuro, added that the Communal Textile Plan is currently developing in four states, and Delta Amacuro expects to make a total of ten thousand school uniforms, eight thousand for the Tucupita municipality and two thousand for the Casacoima municipality.

A dream made in Revolution

The producer Placida Pacheco, from the UPF Discipulo de Jesus and representative of the Mother House of the Ruiz Pineda parish, explained that she made her dream of being a seamstress thanks to the contribution given to her by the revolutionary government.

“I began the art of sewing with a sewing machine. Now with five enterprising women, I can make flannels, chemises, and school overalls in my workshop. Thanks to the support provided by the Ministry of Communes through Safonapp and Fondemi, we not only have the raw material, but we have also been able to repair and maintain the sewing machines”.

Similarly, Luz Maria Tovar, Yiret Cooperative Association produce, called on mothers to value the work and effort to ensure that students have good quality uniforms.

Finally, Nellys Blanco, producer of the Textile Plan of the San Rafael parish, added that “the fabric we use has nothing to envy to that produced by private companies, which shows that the country’s Communes do produce.”

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