People’s Power will systematize and socialize communal experiences

Caracas, March 20, 2023 (Press Mincomunas) – This Monday, the workshop on Systematization of Communal Experiences developed at the Venezuelan School of Planning in Caracas aimed at providing processes to collect and socialize initiatives from the communes aimed at improving the quality of life in the territories.

The workshop was addressed to Commune spokespersons and counted with the participation of the Sectoral Vice-President for Planning, Ricardo Menendez; the Vice-Minister of the Communal Training System and Social Movements, Richard Delgado, and the President of the Foundation School for the Strengthening of Popular Power, Lidice Altuve.

During his intervention, the sectoral vice-president informed about the work carried out through planning tables with different institutions to move forward together. “We have been able to advance and resist in the midst of a war to defend a model. It is the strengths that the construction of socialism has that have allowed us to resist these ten years of war”.

Similarly, he indicated that President Nicolas Maduro called the 3Rs. Nets, which represent the new transition stage to socialism, with the Concrete Action Agendas (ACA) and the Solutions Maps. “We are talking about a deep transformation, and the agendas of struggle become programmatic agendas of work and combat (…) When we talk about building the Maps of Solutions, we are building the doctrine, the map of needs. It is the new method of management,” added Menendez.

For the Minister of Planning, systematization means standardizing, seeing the conditions where they are reproduced, and learning from those situations. “We have to systematize. We have to give space for evaluation and emulation as political processes,” he concluded.

On his part, Vice Minister Delgado indicated that the workshop “is one of the commitments that the Ministry of People’s Power for Communes and Social Movements has with the Communal Councils and Communes, and once it is institutionally developed and anchored to the communal territory, we will be able to promote the process of collective knowledge construction.”

Delgado added that all these experiences that the spokeswomen and spokesmen have been developing around the resolution of conflicts, the collective creation of solutions and alternatives to advance in the People’s Power strengthening “are going to be systematized in different ways to communicate to the country and the world, what the communal idea is about and to guarantee our cultural and intellectual heritage.”

He added that this workshop would be deployed throughout the nation and provided in each one of the Communal Councils and Communes through the training methodology with the Hugo Chavez Nuclei and the University of the Communes, together with the Ministry of Planning.

This process would proceed with an institutional articulation in synergy with the organized Popular Power.

The President of the Foundation for the People’s power strengthening highlighted the work they have carried out with various institutions and ministries to constitute and activate training tables and advance the communal theme. “This workshop for the systematization of experiences is the collective effort of different institutions that have the responsibility of accompanying the training processes to the Popular Power; today we have 86 participants among facilitators, promoters, public servants, and community members”, she added.

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