Commander Chavez’s ethical legacy is to always believe in the people

Caracas, March 6, 2023 (Presidential Press Office) – “A fundamental key of the revolutionary process that we have learned from Commander Chavez’s ethical legacy is to always appeal to the people, trust in the people, believe in the popular strength, in the ethics and spirituality of our people in any circumstance we face.”

These words correspond to the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, who assured that ten years after the Eternal Commander Hugo Chavez’s sowing, the Venezuelan people defeated the pretensions of the North American empire with work and creativity.

During the Ecumenical Prayer Ceremony of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) at the Courtyard of Honor of the Bolivarian Military University of Venezuela in Fort Tiuna, the President praised the perseverance of the people “who have always faced the blockade and the economic war with the Constitution.”

Likewise, the President explained that since 2021 Venezuelans developed an enterprising spirit: “because the people did not fold their arms in the face of the blockade. They always stood up with commitment and learning from the Eternal Commander”.

He recalled that the year 2022 was marked by economic growth and gradual recovery, in addition to social construction, peace, and coexistence, which allowed laying the foundations for the future to consolidate prosperity and the new economy and social security.

“These ten years have been of great learning, of building new bases, and we have shown that we are an invulnerable force, that we are capable of any miracle we propose with our work. There have been ten years of perseverance, always with truth, honesty, and transparency with our people of Venezuela,” he concluded.

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