Ten years later, there has been a permanent presence of Chavez’s ideal

Caracas, March 5, 2023 (Presidential Press Office) – “In ten years, there has been no absence (of Commander Chavez). There has been a permanent presence of his ideal, revolutionary drive and the sworn commitment to advance to build a free, independent, sovereign, socialist homeland,” stated the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro.

During the closing ceremony of the World Meeting for the Validity of Commander Chavez’s Bolivarian Thought in the 21st Century at the Teresa Carreño Theater, the Venezuelan President pointed out that it is about advancing “our socialism, the socialism of the 21st Century, above all difficulties, threats, aggressions, criminal sanctions.”

Given the U.S. empire’s belief in imposing its colonial model against the South American nation, the Venezuelan President categorically stated: “We have clearly said it: No colonial model. Yes, free homeland. No imperial model. Yes, sovereign and independent homeland, and that is our path. That is the way. We are shaping the path for the years to come.”

He exemplified that such determination expresses in the 3Rs. Nets (The New Stage of Transition towards Socialism); This system calls to change everything that needs to be changed for the good and for the growth of the revolutionary forces that must be at the forefront of a new historical epoch, where each builds according to their national reality.

Furthermore, President Maduro ratified his position regarding “zero complacencies and coexistence with minimalism” because it is about “Revolution or Nothing, change or nothing, in favor of the people, in the function of the people. The 3Rs. Nets. The new epoch of transition to socialism, a new civilizational model”.

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