Hugo Chavez’s formula applies to activate the strength of the people

Caracas, March 5, 2023 (Presidential Press Office) – During the closing ceremony of the World Meeting for the Validity of Commander Chavez’s Bolivarian Thought in the 21st Century, Venezuelan Head of State, Nicolas Maduro, emphasized that ten years after the sowing of Commander Hugo Chavez, his formula applied to activate the strength of the Venezuelan people.

“If we have applied the Hugo Chavez formula for these ten years that we have lived, it has been the formula of connecting, mobilizing, and activating the strength of the people in all situations,” expressed the Venezuelan president in the company of the heads of State, Prime Ministers and delegations attending this vindicating political act.

President Maduro pointed out that the socialist model contemplates going by the people’s side. “Always with the people, never without the people, moving with the joy, the hope, the critique, the self-criticism of the people, activated, mobilized, moving with their joy, with their singing.”

The Venezuelan Dignitary pronounced these words after the dissertation of José Manuel Zelaya Rosales, also known as Mel Zelaya, a Honduran politician, former President of the Central American nation, and object of imperial attacks that removed him from power.

Zelaya highlighted the importance of Chávez’s legacy and the resistance of the people in the Region to confront colonialism and these imperial forces.

In this line, the Venezuelan Head of State pointed out that the peoples always come back as Cristina (Fernandez) says, “the peoples always find their way back, the peoples always find their way to cultivate victories, among songs, poetry, hopes, difficulties, pains.”

In this regard, he emphasized that if Chavez sowed something, and if we can remember anything about our Commander is that “he taught us that the life of a revolutionary has to be the life of joy, of renewed hope, of revolutionary optimism, of the will to fight and face difficulties.”

On this path, President Maduro exemplified that the Venezuelan people are seasoned in these struggles and in facing “the obstacles, the scenarios, no matter how terrible they may be, always with a smile, with faith in the people, to trust in the people above anything else, to always go together with the people, mobilizing them.”

Cannon shot that vindicates Bolivarian thinking.

Also, the Venezuelan Head of State established a television link with the 4F Mountain Barracks at 4:25 in the afternoon, where they fired a cannon shot in homage to the supreme leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, Hugo Chavez and to remember that at that specific time, the Commander passed to a higher life: to eternal life.

“The Bolivarian thought of President Chavez is vindicated,” said the Venezuelan Dignitary after the cannon shot.

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