ALBA Movements promotes Latin American integration at the 7th continental coordination meeting

Caracas, March 2, 2023 (Press Mincomunas)- The 7th continental coordination meeting of ALBA Movements began at the National Robinsonian School, in Caracas, with the participation of 19 countries and more than 30 delegates from different parts of Latin America to follow up on the work plans and articulate new joint actions for two consecutive days.

Among the participants were the People’s Power Minister for Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza; Joao Pedro Stedile, member of the National Directorate of the Landless Rural Workers Movement of Brazil (MST); Hernan Vargas, Vice-Minister of Communal Economy and Claudia de La Cruz, Co-Executive Director of People’s Forum of the United States (USA).

In the opening panel, they discussed the systemic crisis and hegemonic transition, patriarchal struggles, Latin American and Caribbean integration, defense of the commons, new mechanisms of intervention, and the battle of ideas.

The attendees explained the roles played by each country in terms of Latin American integration and offered a reading on this new moment of progressive governments in the region.

“President Chavez proposed the creation of an alternative to the imposition of the FTAA. ALBA was born and later became an alliance with an institutional component of government and social movements amid the difficulties. ALBA has been the most attacked organization, the most assaulted in the last few years, and that is maintained,” highlighted Arreaza.

The minister stressed tolerance and unity among revolutionary and progressive movements and governments to work constructively.

“We need a minimum action program, where social rights are the center of the guarantees, the right to education, health, education, housing, public services, to life and that each movement pushes the institutionality and the government to carry out that program,” he added.

Joao Pedro Stedile pointed out that the global instability of capital is becoming evident and stressed that the transformation in the people’s struggle will only be possible “if we participate in these processes of change.”

“Capitalism sets us the task of seeking international solutions because its production mode puts an end to the local. We are facing processes that imply that the U.S. empire is in decline. The war in Ukraine is an outsourced expression of its warlike economic interests, which is death,” he pointed out.

He stressed that the United States uses the war industry to impose itself because it no longer possesses economic power but Eurasia, which also groups 48% of the world population.

The coordination meeting will extend until this Friday, with a conference on the dilemmas of humanity, to later reach the conclusions of the five lines of the Work Plan for the development of a chronogram of actions, responsibilities, and distribution of tasks.

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