I Encuentro de Economía Comunal

A follow-up meeting to the agreements of the First Communal Economy Meeting begins

Caracas, February 16, 2023 (Press Mincomunas) – On Thursday, in the facilities of the People’s Ministry for Communes and Social Movements, the spokespersons of the Communal Economic Circuits held a working session to follow up on the agreements reached during the First National Meeting of Communal Economy, carried out in the Venezuelan School of Planning at the end of 2022.

In this regard, the Vice Minister of Communal Economy, Hernan Vargas, informed us that on the 16th and 17th of the current month, they would develop work tables with the spokespersons of the economic circuits promoted in a trial stage during 2022. “The economic circuit of corn, coffee, potato, cocoa, and some economic zones that we have been promoting in some territories of the country.”

Likewise, the ministerial authority highlighted that “the aggregating Communes build productive value chains, with a new redistribution model focused on guaranteeing sustainable production, that the producers’ families have what they need to live and that the communities improve their services, health and education conditions, which is the economy for life.”

He also indicated that during these two days, they would work with the spokespersons to determine the present situation and to define specific tasks related to promoting Communal Banks with Banco Bicentenario. They will discuss the contributions to the reform of the Law of Communal Economy and how should be the training and systematization process of these experiences, besides establishing the marketing and communication mechanisms of the “Made in Commune” brand.

The objective of the meeting is for the four commissions to meet again to discuss and advance the proposals already being handled.

Ernesto Cruz, a member of the Che Guevara Mesa Julia Socialist Commune, highlighted the importance of the activity. “In this work table, we are dealing with the issue of commercialization. We propose to move forward with the communal brand and a communal commercialization system, in addition to the trade of our products between Communes.”

Meanwhile, Morelyz Malbacia, spokeswoman of the planning table of the Communal Economic Circuit of coffee in the Moran municipality of Lara state, said they would look for solutions to the critical knots with the products made in Communes.

“The solution is the alliance of all the Communes, to make known in the first place all the products that we are developing and then with the Communal Councils and the Communes to commercialize throughout the country,” pointed out the communal spokeswoman.

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