Minister Arreaza meets with media and digital communicators

Caracas, February 15, 2023 (Press Mincomunas) – On Wednesday, the People’s Power Minister for Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, accompanied by his work team, hosted a meeting with various media outlets to present an overview and exchange views on the achievements, progress, and prospects of the communal organization and the People’s Power in Venezuela.

The activity took place at the Ministry of Communes headquarters in Caracas, where they debated relevant issues such as achievements in communal matters, the Good government method, the development of the Good government method, Communal government, Communal Economic Circuits, and the Communal model for life.

Minister Arreaza asserted that the administration undertakes the development of the Bolivarian project from the territory. “The objective is that the people from their communities, plan projects and solve their problems in education, health, roads, and public services, among other areas.”

He stressed that, as instructed by Commander Chavez, we need to strengthen socialism in the moral, political, economic, social, and territorial dimensions.

“The system of Missions and Great Missions system exists precisely to equitably redistribute wealth across the country and guarantee that the people have access to the educational system, to free and timely health care (…), all this has given way to participative and protagonist democracy, now the people organized in Communal Councils and Communes plan in citizens’ assemblies, and with the support of the national, regional and municipal governments, how to solve the most felt needs of the territory”, he explained.

He highlighted the registration of 49,183 Communal Councils in the 48,000 existing communities in the country. “Many of these Communal Councils belong to the 3,641 Communes. Last year, nearly 361 thousand Working Committees renewed in 16 thousand 406 Communal Councils, which now have more than 721 thousand spokespersons, legitimized to assume the government management in the territory”.

He detailed that with these Communal Councils already renewed, the future reforms to the different People’s Power Laws are being discussed and consulted. “These reforms are one of the great achievements of the People’s Power and the Bolivarian Revolution since they will strengthen the legal framework of these juridical instruments.”

He added that they promoted the Bolivarian University of the Communes, taking the university to the communal territory and municipalized education with the Sucre Mission.

Regarding the economic area, Minister Arreaza pointed out the substantial financing provided through Safonapp, the Communal Integration System (Sinco), and the Federal Council of Government (CFG).

“To date, we have registered nearly 60,778 projects and more than 41,000 socio-productive organizations in the system, which will receive our support to the extent that we have more financing through the national income,” he said.

Economy for life

Minister Arreaza explained that the Bolivarian Government system promotes a new economy, not for enrichment but to generate a common good that meets the needs of the majority.

“We are promoting the economy for life to ensure the resolution of the material problems of a people, which takes into its hands the means of production,” he added.

He remarked that the people exercise self-government and have designed a route, which contemplates the development of the Concrete Action Agenda (ACA) and the Map of Solutions, to provide timely answers to all the problems in the Communes.

Communal Economic Circuits

Regarding the Communal Economic Circuits, the Vice Minister of Communal Economy, Hernan Vargas, pointed out how these Circuits are necessary to guarantee that the production of the community members, the peasants, is distributed in the territory’s Point and Circle. “The Leander Processing Plant in Socopó, Barinas state, for example, produces corn, and this item benefits not only the people of Barinas but also the neighboring states.”

Likewise, the Vice-Minister urged to consume the “Made in Communes” brand products, to support small producers and promote the People’s Power.

Communal spokesman Jesus Garcia, from the Socialist Commune Altos de Lidice, added that Communal policies are advancing in his sector. “We created a special fund to meet health, education, and transportation needs, among others.”

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