More than 90 socio-productive organizations and entrepreneurs linked to the Communal Textile Plan 2022-2023 in Miranda

Miranda, December 23, 2022 (Fondemi Press). – Before the Christmas celebration, the Microfinance Development Fund (Fondemi) team, an entity attached to the People’s Power Ministry for Communes and Social Movements- deployed in the Metropolitan, Valles del Tuy, Barlovento, Guarenas-Guatire, and Altos Mirandinos axes. The team delivered the cut pieces of the Communal Textile Plan 2022-2023 to various Socio-Productive Organizations (OSP) and entrepreneurs, with the task of making more than 144. 000 quality uniforms in the communes.

“The blessing arrived for all the OSP and entrepreneurs linked to the Communal Textile Plan!” exclaimed Emma Lucía Tapia, a producer of the mother factory Ariangela, in Carrizal, after receiving and accompanying the Fondemi team during the delivery of the cuts to other producers.

“These will be great quality uniforms because the fabric they gave us is quality. We will make a great effort to do a good job,” said Emma.

Tapia thanked Fondemi and the People’s Power National Fund for Autonomous Service (Safonapp) for all the support provided. “Before, we had to pay for transportation to bring the cuts to our workshops, but this time they brought them all the way here and were very helpful. Thank you very much, and God bless you,” said the producer.

In this opportunity, the Ministry for Communes’ Communal Textile Plan involved women entrepreneurs with experience in the art of sewing to help them grow and consolidate themselves as Family Production Units in 2023.

It is the case of Nelsy Vargas, who said: “I am an entrepreneur who is getting involved in the Communal Textile Plan. I am grateful for the trust placed in me by giving me this job, which undoubtedly strengthens the Communal Economy”.

Likewise, Ismeida Hernandez said she is joining the Textile Plan this year as an entrepreneur. “To make quality uniforms and distribute them to the boys and girls of the point and circle of our community. That way, we will demonstrate that we can produce in the communities,” she said.

Among the producers who will make these uniforms with great care and dedication, entrepreneur Maria Gonzalez expressed her satisfaction to be part of the producers because it is for the children of the schools in her community.

The president of Fondemi, Pablo Gimenez, said that each bag contains the cuts with their respective supplies, such as threads, elastic, buttons, and collars, depending on the piece made.

He also recalled that the Communal Textile Plan 2022-2023 will produce 150 thousand of school uniform sets in the country’s Communes to strengthen the commune economy and the socio-productive organizations in the heart of the communities.

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