Como proyectos a futuro, la productora textil señaló que en el año 2023, “tenemos un espacio para producir el doble de lo que se está confeccionando el año pasado, con el apoyo del gobierno comunal y este combo que hacemos entrega está conformado por una franela, un pantalón, una chemise y un mono”.

Communal Textile Plan delivers school uniforms for the first time in La Guaira

La Guaira, December 16, 2022 (Press MinComunas) – The first school uniforms delivery to the students of the National Bolivarian Educational Unit took place by the People’s Power Minister for Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, at the main street of Las Salinas, Territory of the Commune Cumbe Guaira Eje Costero, Carayaca parish, Vargas municipality, La Guaira state.

Minister Jorge Arreaza arrived accompanied by Hernan Vargas, Vice Minister of Communal Economy; Pablo Emilio Gimenez, President of the Micro-Financial Development Fund (Fondemi), altogether with the People’s Power and the local community.

In his speech, the head of Communes praised the work of women producers, “it is worth knowing that these uniforms that you will be wearing are produced by women and not by private companies. It is one of President Nicolas Maduro’s great efforts so that people can make their uniforms”.

“We must take great care of this Made in Communes brand because we will produce from our homes, neighborhoods, and hamlets. Production at a price you can buy or, in this case, like the one we are delivering today, and we must extend that production to teachers, the military, police, and the community. We are going to have our uniforms made by the organized community itself,” urged the head of the Ministry of Communes.

The Minister highlighted that La Guaira is taking small steps, but they are going in the right direction. “With the Made in Comunas brand, we will achieve that people, in general, see that we exist as commune production and begin to give importance to it. Next year we must have all the uniforms in La Guaira made by the Comunas to meet the dress need. We have to make a great effort”.

In this sense, Luisa Irene Rodriguez Delgado, a producer of the Communal Textile Front of the coastal entity, informed that they have had a trajectory since 2000 and that the Bicentennial Bank and Inapymi funded them. We marketed our products in different governmental entities and fairs, and today, we organized as a Cooperative and Family Production Unit (UPF)”.

The producer indicated that Fondemi has always supported them, “they guided us on this long road. In addition, we have participated in quality control workshops, which is why this product is of high quality, both in the raw material and inputs to its manufacture, advancing 70% of its production. We have received from Fondemi the maintenance fund, which translates into 25% of the payment for the manufacturing process”.

As for future projects, the textile producer pointed out that in the year 2023, “we have a space to produce double what is being made last year, with the support of the communal government, and this combo that we deliver contains a flannel, a pair of pants, a chemise and a jumpsuit.”

Meanwhile, Akzabe Enrique Rodriguez, a student in the 5th year of middle school, announced the projection of an artisan salt project in La Guaira. “The objective of our environment and work is that it is free of contamination since the wastewater does not fall directly into the sea. Our project-making process begins with the cooperation of fishermen who take the water from the well and transfer it to the school. Then, we start with the evaporation process and use that salt for the community.”

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