The NA Special Commission for the Transformation of the Laws of the People’s Power gives a positive balance to the consultation process

Caracas, December 8, 2022 (Press MinComunas) – The Special Commission of the National Assembly (AN) for the Transformation of the Laws of the People’s Power made a positive balance of the consultation process, discussion within the legislative body and other activities inherent to the achievement of the proposed goal.

The People’s Power Minister for the Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, present at the meeting, described the consultation process as the most coordinated and harmonized between the Legislative and the Executive Branches on a strategic issue of the construction of socialism. He said it was the sensitivity to break the capitalist economic and political model and to be able to build the Simon Bolivar National Project in a concrete manner and with an irreversible character.

Arreaza indicated that, according to the practice observed by his office in the communal assemblies, all laws are addressed in each meeting and not separately: “because the people see them as a system, globalized, interconnected.”

Arreaza emphasized that the following challenge is the systematization, to take advantage of the time and extract the core of all this discussion and conclusions used to nurture the texts of the revision of the laws.

He oriented they must be rigorous with the systematization work and that the reform has a real impact in concrete terms. “The teams should determine, and we are already working on this, which are the sensitive points for each law that would impact the concrete reality if they are adjusted or updated with the law,” he pointed out.

The head of the Communes insisted on refining the selective capacity, with criteria, to gather the elements of the consultation, cross them with the sensitive issues that the teams have diagnosed, and propose a transformation in each law that would deepen the People’s Power in Venezuela.

Deputy Blanca Eeckhout, in charge of the Special Commission of the NA, mentioned that they considered the Laws of the Communal Councils, Social Controllership, People’s Power, Communes, and the Communal Economic System in the first discussion in the Legislative Power. She described the latter instrument as “crucial at a time when Venezuela has been the object of a systematic, criminal economic war to destroy our country and the resistance and unity of the people has allowed to face it.” He also highlighted the productive potential of the people in the territory.

She emphasized that based on the Head of State guidelines in his last Council of Ministers in 2012, they began the task with a videoconference to agree on the consultation methodology. Involving deputies, the Ministry of Communes, community members, representatives of governorships, and other sectors.

The work includes forums on the reforms of the laws, installation of the promotion team for consultation in all the states and municipalities, laws approved in the first discussion, and more than 1,000 proposals for the reforms collected in assemblies and telematic activities.

Congressman Pedro Infante congratulated the effort during the consultative process. “It has to do with the people’s democracy, direct democracy, participative and protagonist democracy.” Meanwhile, he recalled the importance of complying with the time limits established in times of Revolution, for which reason they could approve the reforms of some laws this same year.

Likewise, the parliamentarian Ricardo Molina proposed, in terms of methodology, to generate more agile mechanisms for the discussion of the laws to be reformed. “The task is just beginning, and we are on the side of the winners, of that we have no doubt. Let’s get ready because the transformation proposed is profound. We have to stand firm with a clear mission and objectives”.

Finally, Deputy Juan Carlos Aleman agreed with the positive assessment of the progress achieved and encouraged them to keep up the pace of work.

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