Communal Economy Meeting outlines proposals for its legal regulations

Caracas, December 8, 2022 (Press MinComunas) – Continuing the Communal Economy Meeting that took place at the Venezuelan School of Planning in Caracas until the 1st of this month, participants reviewed the balances, proposals, and challenges in the construction of a new economy for a life focused on the People’s Power.

Authorities of the Ministry of People’s Power for the Communes and Social Movements attended the meeting. Vice-Minister of Communal Economy, Hernan Vargas; César Carrero, Vice-Minister for Communal Organization and Participation; Barbara Martinez, social fighter, and through the digital platform Zoom, virtually the People’s Power of all the states of the country participated, in 28 translated open meetings.

Vice Minister Cesar Carrero indicated that this space intends to balance everything concerning the Communal Economy and the review of each of the Communal Economic Circuits works throughout the country. “This is of great importance for the proposed revision and to make changes in the People’s Power Laws.”

“We have been working with the NA in two ways. First, the guiding and preliminary documents as the first version of the proposal introduced in the first discussion. Then, the debate methodology with the People’s Power to collect the proposals that will be an input in the construction of the final version for discussion in the plenary of the NA,” informed the Vice Minister for the Organization and Communal Participation.

Through the digital consultation process through the Ministry of Communes web page (www.comunas.gob.ve), we have approximately 600 proposals in different laws, highlighted César Carrero. He added: “Due to the profile of the comrades present in this activity, I ask them to debate with a general understanding to provide inputs to the People’s Power laws and deepen them with political will. Therefore, they are more dynamic, complying with the guidelines of President Nicolas Maduro.”

On her part, Barbara Martinez stated: “It is worrying how the Communes can combat the parallel dollar that is attacking our economy, and how we, as political subjects in the territory, can protect, hand in hand with the State, the businesses and companies with the new economy supported by its law.”

In response, the Vice Minister of Communal Economy stressed: “After living a heavy storm of scenarios of assassination, invasion, civil war, all that with a blockade. At this moment, the Venezuelan market economy is under recovery, that is why the task of converting the commune’s economy into the new economy for life as a guide for action and antidote to capitalism.”

“As a second approach, it is social property, nobody can take away the means of production that belong to us, and for this, we have to advance in the proposals for the law. And as a third point, the EPS is more than a form of organization are a way to protect and self-manage a means of production of an organized community with communal social control”, said Hernan Vargas.

Finally, the Vice Minister urged the strengthening of Communal Banks. “We must develop the work structure of these economic instances that respond to the needs, and that certainly generate a profit economy, to guarantee production, living conditions. The community can solve its problems recognizing the value of work and, then, the role of social control and the accountability of everything done as fundamental.”

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