National Assembly Special Commission installs a forum cycle for the reform of the People’s Power laws

Caracas, December 07, 2022 (Press MinComunas) – On Wednesday, the Special Commission of the National Assembly (NA) for the Transformation of the People’s Power Laws installed a forum cycle for the People’s Power Organic Law reform. A forum to continue advancing with the protagonist participation of the people organized in Communal Councils and Communes at the ” Dario Vivas” Plenary Hall in Parque Central, Caracas.

On this occasion, Representative Blanca Eekhout, President of the Commission, led the activity, involving the community members’ participation from Caracas in person and virtually through videoconference.

The President of the Commission informed about the activities developed to comply with the task instructed by President Nicolas Maduro.

“We have been working on the Presidential call to retake the Coup de Timon in the entire body of the People’s Power laws review. We have already received 583 proposals delivered directly in the assemblies and 578 through the virtual platform,” detailed the parliamentarian.

Likewise, she offered the balance of all the activities developed in this process. “There are more than 324 activities accounted for by the Ministry of Communes and the National Assembly, but even more performed by the People’s Power throughout the territory. These 324 activities are registered and systematized. Our task is to ensure the systematization in each debate and consultation meeting deployed throughout the territory,” said the Commission president.

Congresswoman Eekhout affirmed they must give hope to humanity and demonstrate that another world is possible in a society based on justice, equality, and the power of the people. ” We must achieve that all the territory of the republic is the space for the construction of power where everyone is a protagonist. We count on a conscious, organized people exercising power, government, and self-government. We must see how the People’s Power becomes transversal to the whole exercise of political, economic, territorial, and social power”.

On his part, the People’s Power Minister for the Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, highlighted in his speech: “We must seize this moment so that all the experience of so many years of struggle reflects in the contributions we will provide to the laws. President Maduro asked for a deep reform of the People’s Power laws, and here we have all the tools. Some communal women and men are part of the consultations.”

For the head of the ministerial body, the political will to enforce the laws is fundamental. “I proposed to the Special Commission and the deputies that once the reform is approved, we can create a code of laws of the People’s Power. It is not a compendium but an instrument where the laws dialogue, cross each other, where they do not overlap but complement and coordinate each other. We must have instruments to enforce the laws we are going to approve,” said the Minister.

In this sense, he proposed the Commission itself should be the guarantor for such compliance and that it should be actively questioning ministers, presidents of institutions, and all those responsible for it.

“We talk about complying with a system of people’s government. From the President to the spokeswoman of the indigenous Communal Council in Amazonas. A minister of any area cannot go to a territory and not meet with his counterparts of the committees of the Communes and the People’s Power. We are entering a new era, we have built a lot, but it seems little compared to what we will build in the coming years,” he concluded.

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