NA deputies’ deployment to the Communal Councils and Communes begins on Saturday

Caracas, December 01, 2022 (Press MinComunas) – On Thursday, the Special Commission of the National Assembly (AN) for the Transformation of the Laws of the People’s Power met by videoconference to present the work agenda and the methodology to apply during the next few days throughout the national territory.

Deputy Pedro Infante, sub-president of this Commission, detailed that on December 2, they will install teams of state promoters, while the deployment to the Communal Councils and Communes will begin on Saturday.

The consultation would focus on the five laws approved in the first discussion by the NA: The Organic Law of the Communal Councils, of the Social Controllership, of the People’s Power, of the Communes, and of the Communal Economic System.

Deputy Infante also specified that they established eight regions for the control and follow-up of the public consultation: The Southern, Eastern, Capital, Central Western, Los Llanos, Los Andes, and Western regions. They must organize a promotion team led by the deputies in each state.

On her part, the president of the Commission, Representative Blanca Eekhout, highlighted the need to guarantee and harmonize the People’s Power Laws. “We have to harmonize them as a system of laws so that they are effective and applicable, which enable us to move forward in our participatory and protagonist democratic model (…). These laws are extraordinary for the re-politicization process in the framework of the 3Rs. Nets and the new era of transition to socialism”.

He emphasized that they progress and make a leap forward with the reform of the laws. “If we manage to put together the body of laws, it would be an effective tool to stop corruption from preventing the processes from facilitating and limiting access to resources, but this is only possible by listening to the people, Eekhout asserted.

During his speech, the People’s Power Minister for the Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, highlighted the importance of working hand in hand with the people and taking all their contributions and ideas that enable the construction of systematized proposals to deliver to the National Assembly.

In this regard, he ratified the support of the ministerial body to continue working on everything that has to do with the progress of the law reforms and what concerns the People’s Power.

“From the Ministry, we are going to join the deployment. It is a strategic task of the Revolution. We have to join, coordinate in time, in the territory, in space and try to collect the essentials that our people have to tell us,” he said.

Arreaza informed there are around 500 consultation forms filled out through the Ministry’s web page.

Finally, he called to visualize the work done to generate the proposals with the participation of the people who are the revolution protagonists. “As President Nicolas Maduro said, we must visualize the debate and come to the key ideas so that this legal transformation is not a little reform. We must continue fine-tuning the laws not only of the People’s Power but also of the Venezuelan legal system, the functioning of the state, planning, economy, and of all the areas where the People’s Power can land public policies in the territory”.

Also participating in the videoconference were the deputies and members of the People’s Power Permanent Commission and of the Special Commission of the NA, the heads of state parliamentary blocks, governors, mayors, presidents of municipal councils, presidents of legislative councils, and their regional deputies, informed of the work plan to achieve the reform of the laws.

Work route

On Friday, December 2, the installation of the 24 state promotion teams for the People’s Power Laws transformation will take place within the consultation framework; the deployment to the Communes and Communal Councils begins on Saturday, December 4.

Special sessions will take place from December 5 to 9 in the Legislative Councils, and videoconferences with the eight regions and national forums for each Law.

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