Vice Minister Hernan Vargas holds an exchange with a Japanese research group on the Venezuelan Communal movement

Members of the Japanese Club for Research on Communes and the Vice Minister for Communal Economy, Hernan Vargas, held a telematic meeting on Monday to exchange information and opinions on the current state of the Communal movement in Venezuela.

Academics, researchers, social activists, and media representatives from Japan participated in the meeting.

The Venezuelan Ambassador to Japan, Seiko Ishikawa, a founding member of the Research Club, opened the meeting by welcoming the participants and thanking Vice Minister Vargas for his presence.

It is worth mentioning the presence of Kiyoshi Nagae, editor of the Blog “Revolutionary Social Struggles in Latin America,” who translated into Japanese more than 600 articles from Telesur, and Venezuelanalysis, among others, with an extensive publication of articles on the communes in Venezuela.

Professor Osamu Nishitani, a philosopher of the University of Foreign Studies of Tokyo, recalled his visit to Venezuela in 2009 and his participation in the meeting of Japanese intellectuals with the Eternal Commander, Hugo Chávez. “The Bolivarian Revolution must emerge outside the logic of the West,” commented Prof. Nishitani, coinciding with the elements provided by Vice Minister Vargas during his intervention.

The Communes Research Club was created in 2020 by a group of social activists in Japan interested in the Venezuelan Communal movement, stimulated by the social struggle led by the Venezuelan people in the construction of Socialism.

Vice Minister Vargas closed the meeting by thanking them for the opportunity and inviting the Japanese participants to follow the Communal movement’s development in Venezuela.

Embassy of Venezuela in Japan

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