The Communards of Santa Lucia debate on the People’s Power laws reform

Miranda, November 30, 2022 (MinComunas Press) – On Wednesday, as part of the national deployment of the public consultation to reform the People’s Power Laws, the People’s Power Minister for Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, led an assembly of citizens in the Arañero del Carmen Socialist Reserve Commune, in the Santa Lucia parish, Paz Castillo municipality, Miranda state.

In this context, the head of the ministerial body asserted that President Maduro generated the conditions to make the qualitative and quantitative leap in the People’s Power consolidation.

“We must review the People’s Power laws and adapt them to the new times to move forward in this task. We must study the functioning of the Communal Council, its structure, and the different Committees in health, education, housing, and food”.

He specified that the citizens’ assemblies must reactivate to verify the Commune’s functioning, the effectiveness, such as the Communal Economic Circuit, and compliance with the People’s Power laws.

“The spokespersons of the Communal Councils are rulers in their territory. They are responsible for planning the communal government system. They must create the Concrete Action Agendas (ACA) and the Map of Solutions to give an effective and timely response to the most felt needs of their communities,” he detailed.

During his speech, Minister Arreaza explained that the Bolivarian Government, despite the sanctions, continues delivering resources to the Communal Councils to manage the different socio-productive projects.

“We are working with the banks, with Banco Bicentenario, to finance credits to the Communes and communal producers, to advance in the communal economic circuits and promote communal self-government.”

Strengthening the communal economy

During the assembly, the Minister stressed that we must reinforce the commune economy so it can activate its bank and create its school, outpatient clinics, and other health centers.

“It is necessary to review the law of the communal economic circuit, to evaluate how having water and fertile lands we can produce more (…), promote new Social Property Companies, which have a fund for the reinvestment and financing of the socio-productive projects”.

He stated that the communal government is emerging, and the People’s Power must demonstrate its capacity to assume challenges, for instance, the operation of a corn processing plant.

“We must create products with the communal brand to feed the circuit and benefit our communities.

On the other hand, he oriented the spokespersons to fill out the forms available on the web page of the Ministry of Communes to systematize the information on the proposals to reform the laws.

Regarding entrepreneurship, he pointed out that it is necessary to promote collective projects and cooperatives, to unite all the actors of the social and communal economy.

“We must have unity above all to carry out socialism, and the Homeland Plan (…), the Commune and the Communal Councils have to work together to promote communal self-government and co-government,” he added.

Presentation of proposals for the reform of laws

During the assembly, the parliamentarian Rosa Godoy added they are currently debating and making proposals on the Organic Law of the People’s Power, the Organic Law of the Communal Councils, and the Organic Law of the Communes.

“We must consolidate the law by actively participating in the citizens’ assembly, and we must add an article to sanction public officials who disrespect the elections of the People’s Power,” she emphasized.

She pointed out that it is necessary to add an article to the law which obligatorily establishes that the Ministers must directly attend to the People’s Power.

Finally, spokeswoman Neida Alvarado emphasized that it is necessary to comply with the transformation of the laws to “preserve Commander Chavez’s legacy and guarantee that the People’s Power exercises self-government to answer to the needs of the people.”

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