Minister Arreaza: Socialism in the territory is Commander Chavez’s best contribution

Miranda, November 4, 2022 (Press MinComunas) – The People’s Power Minister for Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, during his speech as speaker of order at the Special Event “Comuneros de Miranda,” on the 10th anniversary of the Coup de Timon, agreed with President Nicolas Maduro. Socialism in the territory, Communal Socialism, is Commander Hugo Chavez’s contribution to the socialist thesis.

This event by the Legislative Council of Miranda State, the Secretariat of Communes of the Governor’s Office, and the Block of Communes of this entity took place at the Casa Borges in Sucre municipality.

Arreaza pointed out that Simon Rodriguez tried to explain the construction of Socialism in the community, in the territory, through the Toparchy, and how it governs. “You are builders of Socialism in the territory. You carry out the most strategic and structural task of the Bolivarian Revolution. What differentiates us from any revolutionary, progressive, left-wing process in the world is the construction of Socialism in the territory. We can only do that through the Communal Councils, the Communes, and the other actors involved in this project. If Commander Chavez’s legacy were a physical body, you, the communal people, would be the heart. Therefore, it is so important that we carry it with the greatest of passions and vigor”.

In his speech, he recalled the feat of the liberators to affirm that “the conscience of what we are must lead us to succeed. Not only with Chavez’s project but to triumph because we are being watched all over the world. They are watching the Bolivarian Revolution. As 200 years ago, it is our turn to be in the vanguard. Therefore, every second we dedicate to the People’s Power, and you dedicate a life to it, is a recognition for yourselves because you are building history. If we triumph, new roads will open up for the people. The construction of Socialism in the territory sphere will make us truly and integrally independent”.

The head of Communes emphasized that President Maduro ordered the renewal of the cell nucleus, the Communal Council, and to reactivate the assembly spirit because he believed in communal democracy, which is why he transferred it to the Government party. “If the Communal Council is not legitimate, everything else is aerial, and it does not exist. That is why it is so important to build from the roots.”

Arreaza also detailed that communal unity contemplates three areas of strategic, organizational, and programmatic policy, with levels of government: self-government, co-government, and social control, in three sectors and territory, which are communal social protection, economy, and communal management of public services.

In the context of the activity, Minister Arreaza was decorated with the Order “Generalísimo Sebastian Francisco de Miranda,” in its only class, granted by the Legislative Council of the entity. An order created to distinguish, reward, and honor citizens of Miranda that stood out for having rendered meritorious State services.

Order “Aristobulo Isturiz”.

Joan Contreras, president of the Legislative Council of Miranda, acknowledged the effort made in the last years by the commune representatives in facing storms and challenges, a resistance before an imperial onslaught attacking the State and each family. He said that the noble task of improving the quality of life of your neighbors “speaks of the high levels of consciousness that each one of you has” while he urged to raise “the effort for the Commune to be a true instance of decision making and government in the territory.”

He highlighted that the first recognition of the organizations of the People’s Power work consisted in joining the parliamentarians of Communes to the Parliamentary Block of Miranda as overseers. But also as participants in the construction process of the instruments, in the great political debate that must take place in the State, and in the recent approval of the “Aristobulo Isturiz” order aimed at recognizing the communal leadership.

José Vicente Rangel Avalos, Mayor of the Sucre Municipality, referred to the block of Communes and highlighted that if it is well built. It is indestructible: “That is what we have to be, the indestructible ones and the winners. We have to be very clear about the task that he bequeathed us of rescuing morality, which meant awareness of social duty, of reaching out to the neediest, which is the basis of socialism”.

The communal member Beatriz Milano recalled the words of Professor Aristobulo Isturiz: “He always told us that organization is the basis for success. It is the basis for achieving what many wouldn’t do because only the people save the people.

On his part, Andy Fruto, representative of the Presidential Block of Communes, commented on the request to the Legislative Council to create an order for the People’s Power because it has endured economic war, unilateral coercive measures, and pandemic. A recognition of men and women who day and night are restless, solving the requirements of the citizens in their territorial area.

The event marked the closing of the activities to commemorate the Coup de Timon in Miranda.

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