The national government completes the transfer of the management of the corn processing plant to EPSIC Leander in Socopo

Barinas, October 28, 2022 (Press MinComunas) – This Friday, the National Government transferred the management of the Corn Processing Plant to the Empresa de Propiedad Social Indirecta Comunal (EPSIC) Leander (Socopo, Barinas state) to be managed by nine Communes and their producers.

The handover became effective through signing an Agreement between EPSIC Leander and the Corporación Unica de Servicios Productivos y Alimentarios, C.A. (CUSPAL), an entity attached to the Ministry of the People’s Power for Food.

“Today, we are politically making history, Comrades, because this is a result of politics. It is the Bolivarian Revolution’s political project, led by Commander Chavez, socialism. It is also an order of President Nicolas Maduro, the highest political representative,” emphasized the People’s Power Minister for Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, during the ceremony.

Last October 20, during the commemoration activities of the ten years of the Coup de Timon, the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, approved the transfer of the corn processing plant to the People’s Power.

“If you were not, as you are, organized in Communal Councils, in Communes, in the Network of Corn Growers, it would not be possible, but you are [organized] because you resisted despite the war, despite the sanctions,” highlighted Arreaza.

The Minister of Communes and Social Movements sustained that in this scenario, the people are and will be a priority for the Bolivarian Revolution. “The people are the first actor of the social and political world that must have the room to govern. Because this is an act of Government because the Communal Council is Government”.

The event also included signing the Political Agreement between the Communal Economic Circuit of corn actors and the delivery of financing by Banco Bicentenario del Pueblo for more than Bs. 1,600,000 (equivalent to $ 200,000) for corn conditioning line activation in the plant.

Simon Zerpa, President of this state-owned financial entity, said that this financing represents “an achievement that we have obtained with the Ministry of Communes […] And, we have a plan for this year and next year to continue supporting all the Communes throughout the country”.

An Achievement

Irene Estevez, a spokeswoman for the Maicero Network present at the power transfer to the people, expressed her satisfaction at a project that will further impact her state and adjacent municipalities.

“We are a proud fundamental part in the production of raw material so that this plant continues to reap success as we can see that it is already fully operational and that this flour reaches every home. First, in the municipality, then it transcends from the state to the national level. So that is our contribution as producers of raw material”, said the spokeswoman.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Antonio Jose de Sucre municipality, Salvador Guerrero, thanked President Nicolas Maduro for keeping his word of transferring power to the people and allowing the organization and democracy of the means of production to be a reality in the country.

“Such democratization of the means of social production, as is this Corn Flour Plant, is for the welfare of Barinas people. On October 20, when we commemorated the coup de Timon, President Nicolas Maduro entrusted the people and handed it over to people so that they live well. And it is the Ministry of Communes who enabled the people to receive the transfer and make this work a reality”, added the local leader.

The People’s Power Minister for Food, Carlos Leal Telleria, attended the agreement signing. He stressed from the plant that the company’s management transfer constitutes an “important step.”

“We see the materialization of this great legacy of our Commander Chavez,” Leal Telleria added.

The plant has a monthly processing capacity of 1,400 tons of corn.

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