The Communal Councils of Barinas receive financing from the CFG for the execution of projects

Barinas, October 28, 2022 (Press MinComunas) – This Friday, a total of nine Communal Councils of the Andean axis of the state of Barinas received financing from the Federal Council of Government (CFG) for projects in the areas of electricity, integral water management, health, agricultural production system, and road system.

The delivery of certificates took place in the Militia Battalion (Ticoporo parish, Antonio Jose de Sucre municipality), where community members held an assembly. Jorge Arreaza (People’s Power Minister for Communes and Social Movements), Mayor Salvador Guerrero, Maria Castillo (regional coordinator of the CFG), and Adan Chavez (president of the Institute of Higher Studies of the Hugo Chavez Thought) attended this assembly.

During the activity, Community Councils’ spokespersons presented the projects developed to guarantee the community’s well-being.

The Los Florentinos Community Council, one of the financed organizations, will execute an electrification project to cover 700 meters in a low-income sector, where 89 families will benefit. The La Guarapera Community Council received Bs. 140,859.81 for the re-stimulation of small and medium agricultural producers.

Other organizations received financing for road and health projects.

The delivery of these certificates took place after the transfer of the management of the Corn Processing Plant to the Empresa de Propiedad Social Indirecta Comunal (EPSIC) Leander in Socopo.

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