President Maduro announces a new stage of the revival of the People’s Power

Lara, October 20, 2022. (Press MinComunas)The national government closes a cycle of resistance, blockade, and confrontations to begin a new stage of the revival of the People’s Power, a new era of transition of socialism towards 2030, announced this Thursday the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, during the commemorative act of the 10th anniversary of the Coup de Timon.

“We are going towards an expansion in numbers of Communal Councils, of expansion in numbers of Communes, of organization. The time has come to initiate a new stage that constitutes a rebirth of the Popular Power, of the Communal Power, a new stage to consolidate the material, spiritual, cultural, political, and organizational base”, said the President at the El Maizal Commune in the state of Lara.

Likewise, the Head of State affirmed that it is time to initiate a process of revision and improvement of all the Laws of the Popular and Communal Power through a great national debate in which all the communal farmers and the popular movement participate.

He ordered the Minister of Popular Power for Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, to take charge of this task to simplify the organizational formulas in which the people build their power in direct democracy.

Territorial Socialism

On the issue of territorial socialism, President Maduro stressed the importance of going to the true and deep roots. “The root of ours is the Communal Power. It is territorial socialism. It’s the people’s Bolivarian Socialism to make, create and innovate.”

He pointed out that everyone owes territorial socialism. Those who have political responsibilities because people have placed them at the head of relevant tasks, such as governors, mayors, deputies, councilors, presidents, and ministers, must go to the root and radicalize themselves in the Simon Bolivar National Project.

Revision of public policies

On the other hand, taking into account the spirit of the “Golpe de Timon,” the President instructed a review of all the public policies from national, regional, and municipal authorities toward the Communes.

“We must evaluate what we are doing with the Communes and what we must do from now on (…), we must revolutionize everything, change everything that has to be changed”, he ratified.

The Bank must finance commune projects

For the financing of commune projects, President Maduro urged to rescue the capacity of the national banks of the State like Banco del Tesoro and Banco de Venezuela.

“We have to rescue the capacity of the banks to advise and finance the economic projects with expansion that the Communes and Communal Councils have (…), to plant corn, guarantee machinery and buy seeds”.

He suggested that the Communal Power is the atomic weapon of Venezuela for the economic, social, and political aspects, therefore “it is necessary to quickly install a national work table for the great changes of Laws and of the State, in the function of the Communal Power,” he specified.

Finally, he requested the transaction, as Minister Arreaza is doing in Barinas State, of all the plants to the Commune Power so that the people can recover them and make them productive.

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