The national government delivers more than 2 thousand agricultural instruments to farmers in Barinas

Barinas, September 23, 2022 (Press MinComunas) – This Friday, farmers from Barinas state received agricultural instruments from the People’s Power Ministry for Productive Agriculture and Lands to continue strengthening agri-food production in Barinas state.

The delivery ceremony took place in the peace court in the Francisco de Miranda urbanization, where the producers shared their experiences with Ministers Jorge Arreaza and Wilmar Castro Soteldo and the president of the National Land Institute (INTI), David Hernandez.

In this sense, Yuseft Ramos, representative of the Congress of the New Epoch, peasant sector, indicated that thanks to the joint work accomplished with all the organizations: “Today it is possible to deliver 2,020 agrarian instruments in Barinas”, with which a total of 50,000 families dignified.

He also highlighted that they are milk, cheese, and meat producers. They are working hard to achieve the challenge of uniting small, medium, and large producers in Barinas state. “We farmers are in the struggle, sowing every day, and with the State, we are sure that we can make Barinas a potential agricultural development.”

Jovanny Medina, producer of El Moraleño farm (Jose Felix Ribas parish, Pedraza municipality), a spokesman of the state structure of the Congress of the New Epoch, detailed the plot of land. It has 3,614 hectares and, thanks to Commander Chavez, who ordered the delivery of land, was rescued in 2010.

“Nowadays, 326 families live there, and we have the Espada de Bolivar Commune, conformed by five Communal Councils. We have an average of 8,000 animals and produce 16,000 liters of milk. We are known as a highly productive sector. We have more than 60 hectares of banana plantations. The Moraleño farm locates in the Pedraza area,” said the producer.

The community leader took the opportunity to invite the Ministers to visit the Espada de Bolivar Commune so that they see all the work developed in this productive area.

For his part, Minister Castro Soteldo stressed the need to continue working to boost agri-food production and strengthen the nation’s economy. “The agricultural field, induces and motivates us to produce much more because Venezuelans show the world that we know how to produce with few resources.”

He also called on the farmers who received their tools to continue training. ” The comrades who received their agrarian tools today have the responsibility to form a community of knowledge (…) The communities of knowledge have to gather and exchange their experiences”.

Meanwhile, the People’s Power Minister for the Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, highlighted that “the land belongs to those who work on it.”

“What is happening today is a miracle because this is not 2006 or 2008 when Commander Chavez led a revolution in the best political and geopolitical conditions with the highest oil production. We are in a country that received the strongest aggressions of our history in the last few years”.

Minister Arreaza recalled the attacks suffered by the Venezuelan people orchestrated by the U.S. government and stateless sectors that have sought any method to destroy the Revolution. “We are in the middle of a war, with more than 750 measures taken by the U.S. government against the Venezuelan people, and today we are importing seeds and fertilizers. It is an almost impossible challenge.”

In that line, he urged peasants to take care of the land with knowledge and organization. “Everything is possible if we know how to work with social and productive organization, with our knowledge, technology and solutions. Here everyone has resisted with their capacities. Let no one erase the history we have lived, that heroic history of resistance and victory. Do not let yourselves be manipulated by anyone. You are your leaders. You do not need anyone, as organized peasants know what has to be done”.

Minister Arreaza thanked the work done by small producers and peasants, who were the guarantors that the country’s economy did not collapse and the people maintained their access to food.

“We are sure that Barinas can be Venezuela’s great agro-industrial powerhouse. Here we have infinite capacities, but the land is the most important. Let’s make Barinas the most powerful state from the agro-industrial and economic point of view,” he added.

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