The Planning Board of the Communal Coffee Circuit meets in Lara

Lara, September 17, 2022 (Mincomunas Press) – On September 15 and 16, in Lara state, the impulse towards the machinery recovery and transfer to repair roads to establish a Social Property Company. The concretion of resources to start activities of the Agro-ecological Coffee School and the beginning of the systematization process of previous experiences of solidarity economy in the area stand out among the Planning Board of the Communal Coffee Circuit agreements.

The meeting took place to analyze future tasks, considering that the harvesting process starts soon, which leads to close details in the management model, to test self-management mechanisms.

The Vice Minister of Communal Economy, Hernan Vargas, participated in the meeting with representatives of the Mayor’s Office of Moran municipality and of the eight Communes that constitute the Communal Coffee Economy Circuit: Sectores Unidos, Estrellas del Futuro, Venceremos Siempre, La Primavera, Manuelita Saenz, Prudencio Pineda, Tierra y Hombres Libres, and Revolucion Cafetalera.

After signing the political agreement that defines the Communal Economic Circuit of the area, Vargas explained: “During these days, we discussed which are the essential elements to continue to the next stage. Guaranteeing food, health, education; everything that needs to be guaranteed to avoid dependence on intermediaries in this area.”

During the day, they visited several producer families, promoted the initiative, and held assemblies in the Communes Venceremos Siempre and Sectores Unidos.

Javier Ramos, from the Venceremos Siempre Commune, explained that during the harvest, the producer harvests dries, and threshes. Then, it brings it to the Café Cardenal roasting plant for roasting and commercialization: “Where the added value of commercialization will be obtained as an incentive for the circuit and also as a benefit to the producer.”

The initiative has the financial support of Banco Bicentenario, which made the first disbursement of the credit to Banco de la Comuna Manuelita Saenz.

On September 22 and 23 are newly scheduled meetings, both of the Planning Board and of the different instances of the Communes that have tasks to carry out the initiatives of the circuit.

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