The People’s Power of La Pastora in Caracas elected spokespersons of the Communal Councils.

Caracas, September 10, 2022 (Press MinComunas) On Saturday, the elections of the Community Councils Rafael Ochoa and Northwest I Central District took place in La Pastora parish, Caracas. To comply with the instructions issued by President Nicolas Maduro, strengthening the People’s Power and achieving the renewal and adequacy of the spokespersons with the participation of the inhabitants of these communities.

During the day, the nominee for the Social Controllership unit of the Rafael Ochoa Communal Council, Anahi Farrera, expressed her commitment to this historical process that has allowed the People’s Power to take the reins in the territory. “Today, we are carrying out the elections to adapt the Communal Council. Forty-seven spokespersons are running for office to continue to work for the community. We have 637 registered voters between 15 and 102 years old.

Likewise, Rebeca Farrera expressed that “we are in the process of renewing the structure, considering that this is a crucial moment in the country, where the communal organizations are taking a great step for the consolidation of the Homeland, with organization and commitment.”

The community leader called upon the population to continue working together to achieve a large number of renewed Community Councils and preserve the legacy of Commander Chavez.

For community resident Jazmin Lobo, the activity is of greater relevance since it allows them to elect the members of the Communal Council transparently and secretly. “We do not have any pressure to elect the nominated people, who will guarantee improvements in the community and enjoy the policies of the Bolivarian Government to protect us as a people.”

From her perspective, the benefit of being part of a Communal Council lies in the union and solidarity. In times of difficulty, the community has a place to turn to expose any problem.

Steps to vote

The voters who were exercising their vote described it as an easy process: the first thing to do is to review the list to know where they are in the books. Then they receive the voting card where they must mark the candidates. After choosing the persons of their preference, they fold the card in four parts and deposit it in the ballot box, to finally go to the books where they will be registered.

In the case of the Financial Administrative Unit and Social Comptrollership, they might elect up to five candidates. While in the rest of the lines, they can only nominate one candidate.

Northwest I Central District

At the same time, elections took place in the Community Council Northwest I Central District. The president of the Electoral Commission of this organization, Lorenzo Nieto, emphasized that the renewal of the spokespersons of the People’s Power is fundamental for everything that has to do with the benefits of collectivity.

“People responded to the call, the voting tables opened at 7:30 AM, and we will remain until voters are exercising their right to vote to elect their candidates”, he stated.

On the other hand, Ana Davalillo, nominated by the Comptroller’s Office, explained that the sector has 230 families, which translates into 469 inhabitants, of which 363 voters are participating. The leader explained that the Communal Councils are in charge of registering the most relevant needs of the community to look for possible solutions

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