Socialist Commune Juan Camejo identifies its critical points in assembly with Minister Arreaza

Bolivar, September 9, 2022 (Press MinComunas) – During an assembly in the Socialist Commune Juan Camejo, Caroni municipality in Bolivar state, the People’s Power Minister for Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, insisted on the need for the organization of the People’s Power “to move forward with its own feet” in the new dynamics of the Good Government led by President Nicolas Maduro.

He stressed how important it is for everyone to participate in the citizens’ assemblies, to build the Concrete Action Agenda (ACA), and for commune spokesmanship to be accountable. “It is the people telling us collectively what we have to do; to build the government agenda for President Maduro,” he oriented.

Minister Arreaza indicated that the attention to identified priorities in the ACA is an obligation for all levels of government, starting with the Communal Councils and the Communes, that with the 1×10 method of the Good Government participates co-responsibly in the solution of the problems.

Concerning the report of five socially owned enterprises reactivated in the territory, he pointed out that there has to be a budgetary economic organization that allows part of the profit to go directly to the Commune funds.

“There are Communes that have activated economic circuits and have three funds; one for the economic fact itself; a second to support other production processes, and a social fund,” he exemplified.

Arreaza extended recognition to the communal women and men who have managed to resist these difficult years of the imperial siege, which has not ended yet, and to the young people incorporated in the communal organization.

The Mayor of the Municipality of Caroní, Tito Oviedo, highlighted that the Commune is at a fundamental moment since President Nicolás Maduro has placed it at the center of the policy of the Bolivarian Revolution, as instructed by Commander Hugo Chávez. He indicated that in this conjunctural moment, with fewer resources, the power of the people comes into play to “do much more with less, to walk with our own feet.”

Alfredo García and Luisa Mujica, commune spokesperson, presented the three critical knots identified as priorities in the ACA, such as a low capacity pump for the supply of drinking water; lack of health personnel, supplies, and medical equipment; lack of electricity in the transversal roads and public lighting.

“We can organize ourselves to work hand in hand with the institutions to solve our problems,” said Garcia.

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