Producers of Barinas receive national seeds for corn production

Barinas, August 25, 2022 (Press MinComunas) – On Thursday, producers of the Network of Corn Growers of the Sucre municipality, Barinas state, received the native seeds destined to plant 350 hectares of corn for the northern summer 2022 cycle as part of the Plan Siembra Comunal (Communal Planting Plan).

From the Leander corn flour processing plant, Irene Estevez, a producer of the organization, expressed her commitment. To keep supporting the precooked corn flour production plant and another corn flour paste plant to strengthen food sovereignty on behalf of all the producers.

During the ceremony of delivery of the seeds, the People’s Power Minister for Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, highlighted the resistance of the Venezuelan people against the aggressions of U.S. imperialism.

“This is thanks to the President [Nicolas Maduro] because the North American empire did not want us to go back to producing by the hand of the State. They wanted to privatize everything, and it was the people’s resistance from the countryside and the cities that achieved these miracles in Venezuela,” he said.

“The United States is still blocking us. We cannot import seeds, fertilizers, a screw, or a chemical for oil production, yet we are returning to Commander Chavez’s original strategic project. You, farmers, are the essence. Your market is 12 years old, working for the whole country. The Communal Economic Circuit must be stronger so that the corn that comes out of this plant ends up in the families of Socopo”, he stated.

Minister Arreaza urged to work based on the Communal Economic Circuit to free production from the hands of intermediaries and third parties. “We must guarantee the land for planting, and with this seed, we can generate seed banks. We can also have our transports and silos so that this plant becomes a Social Property Company that belongs to you, the organized community in alliance with the mayor’s office,” he added.

Regarding financing, the Ministerial authority suggested coordinating with the Bicentennial Bank to acquire the necessary instruments and materials to allow the projects’ development.

“The Circuit does not exist if you are not organized. If you organize, you oblige us to protect this circuit for its best use by creating social funds for any mishap. It is the year in which we have to produce the People’s Power Big Bang,” he emphasized.

Among the producers’ proposals, the following stand out: in the first place, sowing, where all the producers can install the necessary machinery to promote the plan incorporating bio-inputs. The second element is the collective purchase of inputs to reduce costs. The third element is to make an inventory of transportation for its recovery, to know the installed mobilization of supplies and products from the point and communal circle.

The fourth element deals with the collection of seeds. The fifth is to include small and medium-sized producers. Another point is that the plant becomes communal property. This way creates the commune brand known to the people with a sense of belonging.

The mayor of the Sucre municipality, Salvador Guerrero, attended the delivery of the seeds and acknowledged the ongoing work of Minister Jorge Arreaza. “It is an honor that an authority such as the Minister of Communes is with us. We want to tell him that this first corn harvest is a sample of the people’s power work and commitment of the municipality, which grows in the face of difficulties”, he added.

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