Basque organization Askapena knows experiences of the commune economy in Venezuela

On Wednesday, the Vice Minister of Communal Economy, Hernan Vargas, met with the representatives of the Basque internationalist organization Askapena, Ane Errasti Salvador, and Aitor Juaristi. They were visiting Caracas to learn about the experiences of the People’s Power organization, assumed as a State policy by the Bolivarian Revolution.

At the meeting, the Askapena internationalists expressed their interest in learning about issues related to People’s Power, communal organization, the Communal Cities project, Social Movements in Venezuela at present, the commune economy, and financing of productive projects.

The authority of the People’s Power Ministry for Communes and Social Movements explained all the dynamics related to the communal economic circle and the innovating strategy of President Nicolas Maduro to grant more power to the people in public administration with the 1×10 method of Good Government, the Concrete Action Agenda and the Map of Solutions.

Askapena is a Basque internationalist organization that emerged in 1987 from the solidarity movement with the Sandinista Revolution. Its local scope of action is the seven provinces of the Basque Country, with its central headquarters in the city of Iruñea.

The organization has formed solidarity brigades in Venezuela since 2000. After two years of the pandemic, this year, they resumed the activity with the support of the Pakito Arriaran Solidarity Foundation.

The brigades’ objective is to exchange knowledge and experiences to enhance the popular movement, as the solidarity between the peoples’ struggles for emancipation and the construction of a more just world.

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