The People’s Power of La Guaira moves forward in the process of organization and renewal of spokespersons

La Guaira, August 17, 2022 (Press MinComunas) – The People’s Power of the coastal State of La Guaira met with the People’s Power Minister for Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza. They showed the improvements in the organization, empowerment, and renewal of the spokespersons of the Communal Councils in the Macuto Theme Park in La Guaira state to show the advances in their organization, empowerment, and update of the spokespersons of the Communal Councils.

In this sense, Douglas Acosta, spokesman of the Commune Block, informed that they have 695 Communal Councils. Three hundred are updated, and 285 Electoral Commissions are about to be updated.

“We have also reviewed the Concrete Action Agenda and re-promoted the 3R. Nets, the 1×10 of Good Government and Training Workshops for the renewal of the spokespersons,” he detailed.

Denis Ladera, the spokesperson of Communal Economy, explained that the People’s Power of La Guaira works articulately with the Presidential Council and the Communal Parliament that bring the people’s voice to the ministries.

“We have 54 Communes, 695 Communal Councils, and major agricultural parishes such as Carayaca, Macuto, Naiguata, and Caruao, where we are developing socio-productive projects to make them self-sustainable. Although we have seven trucks, only three are active to work, so we require the support to reactivate all of them.”

He pointed out that they have a Community Days project to sell vegetables at solidary prices and an Endogenous Development project of Agricultural and Poultry Training to produce various products. “We want a Collection Center to distribute our products and support other states.”

For his part, Antonio Puertas, spokesman of the Community Government, expressed that this new governance has allowed them to empower more than 155 of their Projects, as well as public policies to attending to the needs of the Communes.

During the meeting, La Guaira’s Governor, Jose Alejandro Teran, emphasized that the Constituent Power is a permanent threat to the Constituted Power. It is a historical struggle: “and if this Constituent Power does not have the clear ideological clarity, that must be transitory. Its mission must be to dismantle the bourgeois State to create solid bases and give way to the birth of the new model of the Communal State. Then, it is usurping the power to serve itself and not for the cause of the Revolution,” he emphasized.

The People’s Power of La Guaira is an example of communal matters

Minister Jorge Arreaza pointed out that on September 10 and 17, the updating spokespersons’ process will continue in the La Guaira state, which, in his opinion, is the state par excellence experiment with Communal matters. “It has the conditions, counting on two convinced people in charge of the Government and the Mayor’s Office, convinced of the need to reinforce and that this Popular Power and this Communal Council and this Commune, transcend to the constituted power,” he specified.

He detailed that the People’s Power in this territory is at a high level. Therefore, they will be able to carry out the Communal Agenda, the Concrete Action Agenda, and the Map of Solutions to guarantee that the decisions taken from the national and communal levels are for life, food, health, and culture and not to reproduce capital.

“The decisions to be taken must be legitimate and must be taken with methods that effectively legitimize them (…) and what more legitimate method than an Assembly of Citizens (…) where the proposition is viable, useful and by truly democratic methods”.

The Communal Economic Circuits must be closed

He affirmed that the key to the productive aspect is to close the Communal Economic Circuits so that capitalism, represented in the intermediaries, does not get involved. “We have to give value to those who have the land, those who sowed, harvested the seed. Those who put fertilizers, sweated it, matured it. They cannot leave with a surplus value income.”

“What can boost the People’s Power the most at this moment are the public purchases, from the Government, the Mayors’ Offices, the Ministries, that we buy from the People’s Power, so that they can have their income,” he added.

Minister Arreaza reiterated that a communal brand is being worked on so that the products that the communities sow, manufacture, or generate can be the best in the country. “It is a brand to protect all commune production. That brand will be a priority for all revolutionary institutions because there will be no excuses. After all, if anything we will take care of is the fair price so that the producer earns what he deserves.”

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