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People’s Power achieves productive solutions with the Communal Economic Circuits

Caracas, August 4, 2022 (MinCommunes Press) – On Thursday, the Vice Minister of Communal Economy, Hernan Vargas, expressed that the communities can achieve the resolution of their problems through the Communal Economic Circuits.

During an interview on Radio del Sur, Vargas highlighted the importance of the work of the people from the Communes because it has been an answer to the blockade and the illegal sanctions imposed on Venezuela. “We see a miracle at the Commune level to solve basic problems […] The people have resisted thanks to the Commune because the production processes have been reactivated, finding solutions in the Communal Economic Circuits that allow them to give production without intermediaries”, he detailed.

He also indicated that the Communal Economic Circuits are like a collection, distribution, processing, commercialization, and consumption center to resupply the communities.

Figures of a rebirth

The Vice Minister of Communal Economy pointed out that more than 49 thousand Communal Councils at a national level, of which more than 60% must renew their spokespersons.

On the other hand, he reiterated his call for the people to be reactivated in the dynamics of the communal cycle to develop projects in water, energy, health, roads, transportation sectors, and other problems that may arise.

“It is not only the issue of the allocation and management of financial resources, but it is also about them being able, through community planning, to elaborate their planning and progressively solve their problems,” he highlighted in this regard.

On the renewal of spokespersons

Regarding the renewal of the spokespersons of the Communal Councils, the Vice Minister stressed the importance of this process “so that the people can express themselves on the current context, rethink the communal form, make diagnoses, censuses and management modes and be more productive.”

Finally, he reminded me that the Communes and Communal Councils are not an organized sector. They are more than the local government because they are a community government.

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