Communes sign the first agreement of the Communal Economic Circuit of Coffee in Lara

Lara, July 29, 2022 (Press MinComunas) – This Friday, spokespersons of the Communes of the Moran municipality, Lara state, together with representatives of the company Torrefactora EPSAM and authorities of the Mayor’s Office, signed the first agreement of the Communal Economic Circuit of Coffee.

The activity took place at the former Fudeco Farm in the Villa Nueva sector, Hilario Luna y Luna parish. The spokespersons of the Planning Board of the Communal Economic Circuit, in the presence of the People’s Power Minister for the Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, made a presentation on the progress and their experiences.

Within this framework, the authorities of Banco Bicentenario delivered financing to the Manuelita Saenz Commune for the acquisition of the harvest to be processed and commercialized technological packages for the second cycle of fertilization and activation of the second production line of the Socially Owned Coffee Roaster Food Company Division General Jose de la Trinidad Moran.

In this regard, Javier Ramos, a coffee producer, expressed that this is a unique experience that will allow giving an answer from the people for the people, offering real attention to the small producer.

“With the vision of the Circuit, we want to go much further. We are producers who want to offer quality coffee. We want to cultivate, carry out the drying process, take care of the roasting and finally commercialize our products,” he specified.

Historic Struggle

Jesus Silva, president of the municipal roasting company “Café Cardenal,” stated that thanks to a historical struggle, “Today the people can talk face to face” with the Minister and the different authorities.

“The signing of this agreement will allow us that what we produce is to reproduce life and not to accumulate capital, wealth (…) We are working and building financing proposals with a new pact between the producers, which must be organized in Communes that exercise self-government”, he suggested.

Likewise, spokeswoman Gabriela Ramos from the Manuelita Saenz Commune, said that the organization has 22 Communal Councils, 23 coffee nuclei, and a Communal Direct Social Coffee Production Company that produces around 40 thousand quintals of coffee per year.

“It is the first time that Banco Bicentenario comes to bank the small coffee producers, and we as Communes will do the work to produce and promote the commune’s economic development,” he assured.

Banco Bicentenario finances the Communal Bank

During the act, the president of Banco Bicentenario, Simón Zerpa, announced the delivery of five motorcycles to guarantee the transportation of the coffee packages, besides opening a new bank agency in the sector of Guarico.

“It is important to highlight that it is certainly the first time Banco Bicentenario lends to a Communal Bank. Today we opened more than 700 new accounts. We approved 200 thousand dollars for the Communal Bank of the Manuelita Saenz Commune, 50 thousand dollars for producers to buy equipment and improve their production, 50 thousand dollars for the Torrefactora, and 100 thousand dollars for the purchase of the harvest,” he specified.

In this context, Minister Arreaza stressed that this communal work method will create a new form of income for the country, where it will no longer depend on oil but the products produced in the different territories.

“In Venezuela, we are making socialism through the social organization, social property, methods, and modes of social production to impact society, the man, the woman, the child, the little old man. We are making in Lara a pilot socialist economic circuit with 128 producing families that will grow and must be taken care of from the land, the seed, from the whole coffee process”, assured Arreaza.

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