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The Communes Bolivarian University graduates more than 60 professionals

Caracas, July 27, 2022 (Press MinComunas) – The Bolivarian University of the Communes graduated this Wednesday more than 60 professionals in a graduation ceremony held at the Simon Rodriguez National Experimental University (Unear), Palo Verde nucleus, in Caracas, with the presence of Jorge Arreaza, People’s Power Minister for Communes and Social Movements, and Richard Delgado, rector of the new house of studies.

During his participation, the head of the communal office emphasized that it is not just any graduation but an act of graduation of women and men who carry in their feelings, in their hearts, and in their spirit the change of era in the world of capital. It simply breaks with the domination of that material wealth and promotes the liberation of the human being from his organization, from his capacity in the territory to transform, to make possible the Bolivarian indicator of the greatest possible sum of happiness.

He explained that the People’s Power organized in the Commune is a strategic project and differentiates the Bolivarian Revolution from any other socialist revolution or progressive government in Europe or Asia. “Commander Hugo Chavez faithfully believed that only the organized people could take that power that the Revolution snatched from the bourgeoisie, from imperialism, to solve not only their problems but the model of society in which they would have to develop in this new era,” he pointed out.

Minister Arreaza emphasized that the professionalization of the community members will result in a great organization in their communities: “You (graduates) are a great learning community; now we must generate a great community of application of that knowledge.”

Ana Alejandrina Reyes, the rector of Unear, expressed that it is not just any old thing to graduate more than 60 community members, parliamentarians, and social fighters who dedicated their lives to working with others for so long. “We had a previous cohort of more than 200 leaders. One of the leaps of this experience is that the university learns from the Communes. We learned to see things in a different way, to make a curricular transformation with the people in the territory,” he said.

He said that this action in the territory has been pleasant and thanked the Communes because they have helped to solve problems within the educational institution. He asked for the support of Minister Arreaza so that the graduates could form an association of graduates and that the people of the communes have a leading role.

Carmen Isolina Brito, a graduate, thanked the Ministerial and university authorities for the opportunity to change paradigms. “We are not afraid, we have won, and we will continue to win. Now it is time to continue strengthening the work in the communities”, she added.

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