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Organized Popular Power produces and distributes food in 23 de Enero

Caracas, July 27, 2022 (Press MinComunas) – In the heart of the capital city, in the 23 de Enero parish, the work effort between the organized community through the Communal Councils, Communes, and the Bolivarian Government is evident.

Thanks to the inhabitants of this locality that make life in the Socialist Faith Commune, the Tres Raices Foundation, and the Heyker Vasquez Metal-mechanic Socialist Training Center, close to 3,500 families and 3,150 homes benefit from the acquisition of pork, eggs, tomatoes, and sweet peppers at solidarity prices.

They also produce feed for the animals located there, which, in turn, serves as a supply center for other urban producers.

The people speak

Mr. Heriberto Mendez of the Fe Socialista Commune said his organization has 14 Communal Councils, and entrepreneurs of the same parish are grouped in the gastronomic block. They offer their visitors or neighbors of the sector and surrounding sectors, fast food, and lunches at solidarity prices.

Eudis Otaiza, who is in charge of the Heyker Vasquez Metal-mechanic Socialist Training Center, commented that they have hen and pig farms for eggs, pig meat, and soon, their derivatives for the production of sausages and cold cuts.

In addition, the community produces food for these animals, which considerably reduces the costs of production and manufacturing chain. We provide the feed to some neighbors who have their chickens at home and to other small or large producers who wish to purchase it at a lower cost,” explained Otaiza.

Eladio Marquina, a neighbor of the sector, said that he has 16 hens at home and buys the feed for his laying hens at the Heyker Vásquez Metal-mechanic Socialist Training Center at a low cost.

Production in “Techos Verdes” (Green Roofs)

The Fe Socialista Commune, the Tres Raices Foundation, and the Heyker Vasquez Metalworking Socialist Training Center also produce vegetables. Crop of peppers, sweet peppers, and tomatoes on the roofs of their facilities to supply the families of the sector and those who wish to come and buy them, an activity they call “Green Roofs” production.

Otaiza detailed that with results they would supply at least three days and even more food sales.

Education for action

At the Heyker Vasquez Metalworking Socialist Training Center, training is also provided in Electronics, Computer Science, and Urban Agriculture, through INCES, in order to offer a trade to young people or inhabitants of the parish.

After training, they also contribute with their labor in all the socio-productive projects. They train to produce and multiply their knowledge.

Gastronomic Entrepreneurs

A total of six sectors are grouped in a sector or block where 104 gastronomic entrepreneurs of the Fe Socialista and Tres Raices Foundation make life. From Wednesday to Sunday, and complying with the due biosecurity measures, offer lunches and homemade fast food, which also serves as a tourist reference point for the area.

In this regard, Justa Centeno, from the Fe Socialista Commune and part of this initiative, indicated that the organization plays a relevant role because it also exercises control and supervision over everything done.

Leny Lopez, from the Comuna Fe Socialista, expressed her experience after 12 years of productive communal life. He indicated that he has to his credit the arduous work of three cultivation houses, four “Green Roofs,” chicken and pig farms, and an ABA plant.

He said he had another similar experience in El Paraiso to that of 23 de Enero. He emphasized that they produce vegetables, eggs, and food distributed to other producers. He also thanked all the structures of the Bolivarian Government for their support, mentioning the Ministries for the Communes and Social Movements and of Agricultural Production and Lands, as well as the National Institute of Socialist Training and Education (INCES).

On the election of its spokespersons

The Ministry for Communes and Social Movements promotes the free and direct election of the Communal Councils to advance toward self-government. In this Commune, they are already following these steps. Their spokesman Heriberto Mendez indicated that they are already organizing their work agendas or action plan.

With this work, it is evident that the organization of the resilient people is becoming stronger and continues to defeat the blockade and the economic war. Also, the revolution continues to carry on, keeping alive the legacy of Commander Chavez with self-sufficiency and efficient management.

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