Organized people evaluate compliance with the Concrete Action Agenda in Petare

Miranda, July 26, 2022 (Press MinComunas) This Tuesday, in the Hugo Chavez 59 Commune, spokespersons of the nine Communes of the territory held an assembly with Fernando Rodriguez (Vice Minister of Communes and Social Movements). To balance concrete actions that each organization has developed with their Communal Councils.

Regarding the economy, three artisan bakeries of zone 10 were financed, specifically with raw materials to promote the production of these units. At the same time, the Commune Bank strengthened with the support of the Vice-Ministry of Training.

For the training area, they agreed to instruct in the new system of popular registry, promoting the assembly spirit to deepen the protagonist character of the Popular Power.

In the organizational area, they agreed to accompany and advise the territorial reorganization and registration of all the Communal Councils and Communes of the Sucre municipality. In addition, to strengthen the free barbershop and movie days in the neighborhood to promote recreation and training in the communities, in charge of the Jovenes del Barrio Foundation.

“To execute all the items of the concrete agenda of the nine Communes of Jose Felix Rivas, they will have the support and guidelines of the Mayor’s Office, the Governor’s Office, and the corresponding Vice-Ministries. Everyone must join in the People’s Power agenda,” mentioned Jose Daniel Perez, director of Communes in the state of Miranda.

Adequacy of the Communal Councils

Mercedes Moreno, a Guerreros de Ayacucho Commune spokesperson, highlighted that “this Sunday, July 31, we have the activation of the assembly for the electoral register. We have two active Communal Councils and 11 that will enter the process of adaptation and updating the spokespersons”.

Vice Minister Fernando Rodriguez highlighted the organizational and political level of the spokesmen and spokeswomen of the Communes of Jose Felix Ribas in Petare.

“Before deepening the discourse at a national level, in this sector, there was a Concrete Action Agenda and the Map of Solutions”, said the Vice Minister.

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