Bricomiles de Salud para rehabilitar centros asistenciales en Barinas

The Health Bricomiles (Brigades) is formed to rehabilitate health care centers in Barinas

Barinas, July 9, 2022 (Press MinComunas) – This Saturday, as part of the Good Government 1×10, the Working Committees of the Community Councils of Barinas state formed the Military Community Health Bricomiles to rehabilitate, reactivate and equip, all the popular clinics of Barrio Adentro I and II, outpatient clinics, Integral Development Centers (CDI), Integral Rehabilitation Rooms (SRI) and High Technology Centers (CAT).

From the CDI “Mr. Martin Ramon Sanchez Gamarra” in Romulo Betancourt parish, the regional Health Director, Angela Torres, said that the Health Bricomiles of the ASIC Guanapa and the 20 clinics located in the territory are already activated, in compliance with the instructions of President Nicolas Maduro.

In this regard, Dr. Arelis Gainza, ASIC director Guanapa, added that “of the 549 Health Bricomiles that must be set up in Barinas State, 53% are already active, which represents a great advance in the teamwork carried out by the People’s Power of the state of Barinas”.

On his part, the People’s Power Minister for the Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, highlighted that although the blockade and sanctions of the US government aimed at collapsing the health, education, and public services systems, the Venezuelan people in civic-military union continues resisting and advancing.

He asserted that although imperialism continues asking for sanctions, today, Health Bricomiles is being activated throughout the country. “There are 549 brigades here well organized in painting, waterproofing, water, plumbing, and electricity. It is a method that can be improved and emulated in other health centers”.

He acknowledged, together with the People’s Power, the militia, the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, the community, the workers, and the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, the praiseworthy work done by Cuban doctors.

“The CDI, popular clinics, and the Neighbourhood Enhancement Mission that exist in every neighborhood and every corner of this country; were the product of the heart and mind of two commanders, Commander Fidel Castro and Commander Hugo Chavez Frias (…). No matter how many problems we have, today we have medical personnel and spaces, which we must take care of thanks to the Revolution”.

Maintenance must be permanent.

The head of the ministerial body called on the brigade members to maintain the work on time because they are part of the work for life and health. “The maintenance protocol must be permanent. Carried out every weekend to guarantee the optimal functioning of these spaces.”

The Minister pointed out that in this first stage, it is relevant to teach young people, school students, how to paint, fix cables, and repair sinks so that they are incorporated and involved in the maintenance of the health clinics in their community.

He urged the brigade members and the Popular Power to take care of the tools given to rehabilitate the CDIs. At the same time, he acknowledged the work done by Mayor Rafael Paredes for the people of Barinas’ benefit.

The activity had the presence of the Major General of ZODI 32, Jose Rafael Serrano; the sole authority of Health, Dr. Angela Torres; the vice chief of the Cuban Medical Mission, Jose Miguel Perez and the director of the Guanapa Integral Community Medical Health Area, Arelis Gainza, among other authorities.

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