Communes of La Pastora organize to create Communal Economic Zones

On Wednesday afternoon, representatives of the nine Communes of La Pastora parish in Caracas held a meeting with the Vice Minister of Communal Economy, Hernan Vargas, and the President of Banco Bicentenario, Simon Zerpa, for the construction of the Communal Economic Zones according to the potentialities of each space.

During the meeting, the representatives of each Commune presented their potential. The circuits identified were textiles, footwear, sowing, seedbeds, poultry farming, rabbit farming, confectionery, bakery, carpentry, blacksmithing, cleaning articles, tourist routes, and recycling, having space and conditions to carry out each activity.

The Vice-Minister of Communal Economy proposed the planning table activation for this territorial corridor, following the guidelines of President Nicolas Maduro and resuming the new transition to socialism. The proposal consists of recognizing the people’s resistance and giving them articulation so that their work guarantees life, organizing communal economic circuits that are an economic force in all the communes. Finally, putting together a plan responding to the Law of the Communal Economic System.

“To guarantee that the Communal Economic Zone of La Pastora guarantees the reproduction of life, that is the central element,” expressed the Vice Minister. He urged us to follow the three guidelines presented by the Law regarding the communal economy: productive management, support to producers, and social reinvestment.

For his part, the president of Banco Bicentenario, made available the services of the financial entity in favor of the people and their economic objectives, providing advice and collaboration. Zerpa expressed: “A bank is a tool for you. A bank will be present, do the work, and provide the services to the extent that you effectively organize yourselves […] It is important that collectively we make ourselves responsible for deciding who will be financed and for what purpose.”

Among the interventions of each Commune’s spokesperson, they identified each one of the potentialities to execute the possible circuits according to their strength. “We have the first seedbed in Caracas in 2019 and 2020. We achieved a good seeding where the whole community benefited. That is where we are at the moment, but we need support in training”, commented Sofía Durán, spokesperson of the “This land is ours” Commune.

Another outstanding circuit, besides textiles, planting, and breeding, is the bakery since, several of these favor the parish’s communal production. “In the Commune, we work with artisan bakery, we offer courses and support the community when there are events with children,” said Indira Pulido, spokeswoman of the Commune “Caminos de Independencia.”

In the space, they discussed the installed capacity of each circuit and prepared the technical data sheets of each Commune to specify the activities and production of each one to extend the planning table and the mapping of this corridor.

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