President Nicolas Maduro orders the study of the proposals of laws of the Movement of Settlers

This Tuesday, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro Moros, from the Miraflores Palace, asked his government team to study and deepen the different laws presented by the Movement of Settlers to guarantee the living conditions of the Venezuelan people.

During the meeting, Movement of Settlers, formed by the Urban Land Committee, Communards, representatives of the Housing-Venezuelan Assemblies, the Pioneer Camps and the New Socialist Communities, among other organizations, requested the creation of the Law for the Self-managed Production of Housing and Popular Habitat, as well as the communalization of the cities and the transfer of means for the social production of the town, including land and buildings recovered for permanent or transitory housing.

They seek to avoid arbitrary evictions

In this sense, Nelida Cordero, spokeswoman for the residential workers of Venezuela, requested the Head of State to defend and protect all the laws built by Commander Hugo Chavez, including the Dignification of Residential Workers Law.

“However, it is necessary to review the Regulation of Residential Workers to avoid further arbitrary evictions from homes, especially elderly workers. The integrity of their homes and families must be preserved,” he stressed.

The Head of State ordered Delcy Rodriguez (Executive Vice-President), Jorge Arreaza (People’s Power Minister for Communes and Social Movements), and Ildemaro Villarroel (People’s Power Minister for Housing and Habitat) to study the issue of housing to protect the workers who require it.

Land allocated for the people

During his intervention, Juan Carlos Rodriguez, architect and activist of the Movement of Settlers, asked to retake the Special Law that allows the regularization of the land. To coordinate actions with the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) to look for formulas that allows land adjudication to the people through the Urban Land Committees.

“Likewise, emphasis must be made on the Decree against arbitrary and forced evictions, which is still in force, in addition, to retaking and protecting the Law of Lease and Tenancy, since part of the oligarchy intends to make changes to the detriment of the citizens,” he detailed.

He said that the National Executive must create the means to defend and protect all public lands and buildings recovered in the Revolution to guarantee their transfer to collective and communal property.

Finally, President Maduro gave instructions for meetings to be held soon to guarantee a temporary housing program for 350 families in Caracas who are vulnerable, according to the census of the Movement of Settlers.

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