Experts agree that sanctions are a planned strategy to generate a regime change in Venezuela

The forum “Confessions of Mark Esper: Plan to assassinate President Nicolas Maduro and invade Venezuela” was held this Tuesday at the Fogade auditorium in Caracas, with the presentations of the former Foreign Minister and People’s Power Minister for Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza; the Vice-Minister for Anti-Blockade Affairs, William Castillo and the Deputy to the National Assembly (AN), Pedro Infante.

The Minister of Communes explained that the ruthless attack of the US Government against Venezuela was not a fortuitous operation, but a planned and systematic strategy, with premeditated actions in time and space.

He chronologically described how suspicious signs were appearing in 2012, in the context of the last presidential election of Commander Hugo Chavez, who called it an economic war; shortage of products, foreign banks were leaving the country: “a war that was occurring, not formalized in laws, but that was in process and had been doing damage since the years 2013-2014; then the Obama Decree appeared on May 8, 2015. The aggression more than military, which was always an option, would be economical against the Venezuelan industry”.

Minister Arreaza delved into the imperial aggression during his tenure as Chancellor of the Republic, appointed in August 2017. He mentioned the media manipulation campaign, onslaught of the Lima Group, suspension of Venezuela from Mercosur, threat of military intervention by Donald Trump, first round of sanctions against PDVSA, fracture of the dialogue developed in the Dominican Republic in February 2018, and beginning of the non-recognition of President Maduro. The humanitarian justification or intervene the country, threat of maximum pressure, in which spokespersons of the US Government confessed that Venezuela would run out of electricity, food, medicines.

In his opinion, what permanently neutralized the Trump team was that there were no subjective conditions in the Venezuelan people to carry out a military operation. They did not see the necessary enviroment to invade the country.

Deputy Minister William Castillo pointed out that the US strategy of applying sanctions is a State policy. It does not depend on good or bad political relations or even on contact processes, which legalized in 1917, but which in Barack Obama’s administration acquires a theoretical, conceptual, doctrinaire and political development, becoming a practice of systematic execution, perfect substitute of a war. Because they imply less political cost, they do damage and the achieve the objectives. He pointed out that in Venezuela, unilateral coercive measures seek a change of political regime, not only a change of government. In addition, he indicated that the US sanctioning architecture against Venezuela is based on two laws, one from December 2014 and the other from December 2019.

The senior official of the Ministry for Economy and Finance showed part of the registration and systematization work of the National Anti-Blockade Observatory. Its statistics show that Venezuela is the fifth country with the most sanctioned companies and individuals, the third with the most sanctioned ships and the second with the most sanctioned aircraft, surpassing Russia. “What has happened must generate a collective memory as an organized people. We cannot let this go unpunished. It has been a criminal, multiform, illegal and extraterritorial war, and we cannot let this continue to happen”, emphasized Vice Minister Castillo.

Congressman Pedro Infante, who presides over the special Commission of the NA to investigate the plans against Venezuela based on Mark Esper’s confessions, revealed the documents, contracts, books, decrees and statements collected, among other evidence. They corroborate that everything is part of a US plan, whose interest in Venezuela responds to the fact that it has the primary oil reserve in the world, the primary gold reserve in Latin America and one of the primary gas powers in the planet.

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