Ministry for Communes coordinates the accompaniment of the CNE in the elections of Communal Councils

This Wednesday, the People’s Power Minister for Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, participated in a coordination meeting, via telematics, on the accompaniment of the National Electoral Council (CNE), under the presidential command regarding the renewal or adequacy of the spokespersons of the Communal Councils.

The head of the communal office clarified that the CNE would act as a companion, not as an arbitrator on the elections of the Communal Councils. By providing material according to all the experience accumulated in the organization of electoral processes of the formal constituted power.

He affirmed that the referee in this opportunity is the people. The assembly of citizens is the one that endorses the election of the administrative units, management, comptroller, and working committees of the Communal Councils.

Minister Arreaza emphasized that the election is important, but even more important is the participation indicator. Therefore, it is essential to encourage the massive involvement of the Popular Power. He also instructed not to stop the election processes underway. Because the Communal Councils, according to the law, are independent at the time of calling them.

“Every election conducted and all steps followed. We have the minutes with the results, the assembly agrees, the voters have participated and accepted all the results, it is a victory of democracy, of the Bolivarian Revolution and the people,” he affirmed.

Likewise, he indicated that the registration in the automated system comes after the election. This registration is similar to the one used by the Federal Council of Government. A state liaison will verify what loads in the system corresponds with what is written in the minutes.

The Vice Minister for Communal and Social Organization and Participation, Cesar Carrero, explained that all the information and formats to be used in the elections are available in the web portal of the Ministry for Communes. He also explained that the installation of the state electoral table was authorized through a meeting attended by the Ministry’s regional director and the CNE, the head of Fundacomunal, and the political forces of the territory. It will define the deployment route in each of the states, including the training workshops.

He pointed out that he will distribute the user manuals, one on the new registration system of the Communal Councils detailing how to load the election minutes, and another for the director or state responsible for the registration process on how to review the documentation.

The head of the National Office of Citizen Participation (CNE), Jhon Keiler, also attended the meeting and explained how the CNE would accompany the electoral body and the different phases of the electoral process.

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