President Maduro announces new Registration and Inscription Process for all Communal Councils in the country

From the Socialist Commune Altos de Lidice in Caracas, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, led a Day of Good Communal Government on Wednesday. During the day, he announced the future opening of a new process of Registration and Inscription of all the Communal Councils of the country.

The head of state pointed out “that we are going to a new automated process” through Live Internet. “Communal Councils, Communes of Venezuela, the time has come to build socialism in the territorial sphere. It is the creation of our Commander Hugo Chavez, his maximum dream, his first dream, his dream of the future. Chavez told us: ‘I imagine Venezuela when all our people will be self-governed by the Communal Councils, by the Communes’ and now we are going to build the Communal Cities”.

He affirmed that the rulers of this country, starting with him as President, put themselves at the service of the People’s Power, the Communes, and the Communal Councils of the entire national territory.

In this sense, the Minister of People’s Power for the Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, highlighted that the President democratized technologies for the people. The Homeland Platform is the clearest example of this, and now, the VenApp application.

“But the Ministry of Communes also puts an end to bureaucracy and corruption. He received reports that some states were charging for the Birth Certificates of the Communal Councils or the Renewal of the Communal Councils. From this moment on, the Communal Council (adapted or born) can register on the page of the Ministry of Communes. There they can scan their minutes of Assembly, fill in the results of the voting minutes, the names of the spokesmen and spokeswomen, and right there, the system gives them their certificate, their Birth Certificate. And, they do not have to wait in line, they do not have to pay anyone, but they have to do the work with the democratized technology”, he emphasized.

He pointed out that the Communal Councils and other interested social movements can access the page of the Communes (

Experiences of Altos de Lidice

During the day of the Good Communal Government, the President learned first-hand about the productive experiences of the Socialist Commune of Altos de Lidice, one of the most advanced urban areas of the country.

The Head of State, accompanied by spokesman Jesus Garcia, representatives of the People’s Power and the National Government, toured the neighborhood to learn about and evaluate the functioning of the Commune, as well as the Action Plan and the Map of Solutions carried out by the community.

In this sense, they visited the Food House, the Golpe de Timon Mission Base, the Arturo Michelena Early Education Center, and the Recycling Direct Social Property Company.

Order financing for entrepreneurs

The spokespersons, during their intervention, asked the President for financing to promote entrepreneurs and make textile cooperatives more visible.

In response to the request, the Head of State ordered to strengthen Communal banks, reactivate SAFONAPP and grant financing to the Commune of Lidice through Fondemi, the Bicentennial Bank of the People, and the Bank of the Communes.

On the other hand, he instructed the head of the Government of the Capital District, Nahum Fernandez, to make a project of direct support to all cooperatives, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, and communal producers, so that they have guaranteed purchases with the public funds.

“I want the Communal Banks to get their act together, the Bicentennial Bank, Simon Zerpa, to get their act together. The SAFONAPP is giving me a proposal this very night to unlock it. It is unacceptable that the SAFONAPP, the fund to finance the Communes, is stuck. That is unacceptable.”

Regarding the health area, the communal spokesperson expressed the need to rehabilitate the five medical offices, guarantee medicines for the community, and create a humanized delivery room.

President Maduro instructed his work team to comply with these requirements and asked Minister Arreaza to convene the Pharmaceutical Engine to articulate it with the Communal Councils and the Communes so that national medicine arrives.

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