President Nicolas Maduro summons to resume assemblies of the Popular Power.

During the Productive Wednesday “Motor of the Social and Socialist Communal Economy,” President Nicolas Maduro ordered the renewal process of the spokespersons of the Popular Power, starting with the Communal Councils, and called for the retaking of the assembly spirit to democratize in depth the popular organizations.

From the Manuel Palacio Fajardo high school in the 23 de Enero parish of Caracas, the Head of State explained that it is about applying the 3R.NETS to the Communes: “active resistance, communal rebirth and revolutionizing everything that needs to be in revolution so that the Commune adapts to the needs of the people.”

He recalled that in his appointment as head of the Ministry of People’s Power for the Communes and Social Movements, he instructed Minister Jorge Arreaza to concentrate efforts in two directions: first, to democratize in depth the Communal Councils and the Communes, through the communal assemblies; to update the spokesmen and spokeswomen with the vote and popular participation, so that the leadership is permanently renewing itself and represents the popular sentiment.

“I call for a radical, direct, revolutionary democracy. The more democracy, the more legitimacy of the leadership and the more effective will be the constructive action of the popular movement,” expressed.

In the framework of Venezuela’s economic recovery, President Maduro specified that the second line has to do with driving the productive economic character of the Communes to go to the production explosion of the communal economy.

In this context, he approved the Plan “My CLAP is productive,” which referred to the activation of the Production P of the Clap and its integration into the communal economic system. This plan includes 18,157 Local Supply and Production Committees (50% of those existing in the country) in the first phase of one year and will be developed through seven vertexes: organization and labor force; production training; land and productive spaces; requirements and inputs; production, processing, distribution and supply; self-sustainability and communal-economy, and follow-up and control.

Based on an experience developed in the parish of 23 de Enero by the Commune Panal 2021, the President proposed to the Ministers for Food, Carlos Leal Telleria, and Fishing and Aquaculture, Juan Carlos Loyo, to articulate a national plan for the production of tilapia for the Clap.

The head of State shared statistics of the communal progress in the country: 49,178 registered Communal Councils, 3,640 Communes in operation, and 40,640 socio-productive organizations, for which he asked the Bicentennial Bank of the Communes to finance their projects.

He also pointed out that Zulia has the highest number of registered Communal Councils (followed by Miranda and Lara). He instructed the ministers to provide them with resources, logistics, support, and technical advice. He also pointed out that Miranda is the first state in Communal Councils in operation, second Zulia, and third Lara.

During the Productive Wednesday, the President also requested great support from the Communal Councils and Communes for the registration in the Homeland platform. Until July 20, of the 1×10 of Good Government and the downloading of the Ven App application.

For his part, Minister Jorge Arreaza stressed that “our people have resisted fundamentally around the People’s Power. Communal Councils and Communes that did not give up. They kept going and today are moving forward from the grassroots, from the territory where socialism starts. It has its fundamental experimental field in the immediate territory, where the school, the doctor’s office, and the family is, and that is where we can generate new relations of production, new human relations, new relations for the communalization and reproduction of life, and not capital”.

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