Bolivarian Government will shield Communal Economic Circuits to guarantee fair commercialization of products.

“The work of the revolutionary Government is to shield the Communal Economic Circuits from the land, agricultural production, seed, fertilizer, inputs, mechanization, storage, and transportation. To have fair marketing that reaches our circuits of schools, hospitals, Food Houses, CLAP,” said the People’s Power Minister for Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, during a new working day of Productive Wednesday hosted by President Nicolas Maduro.

The Minister explained that although the beautiful experiences the productive economic field, some of them have gaps in the circuit through which capital penetrates, taking away the surplus value and the value of those who work the land.

In this sense, he stressed that he called other ministers to join the Communal Economic Circuit so that the policy and the system of the revolutionary Government. Involving not only President Nicolas Maduro, but also the spokespersons of the Communal Councils and other organizations of the Popular Power can apply in the Communal Councils and the Commune.

On his part, President Nicolas Maduro pointed out that everything, from the industrial and productive areas, must be transferred to the Communes.

Minister Arreaza highlighted that within the framework of the 3R.NETS, the people have complied with the first R of resistance. “Communal Councils and Communes that did not give up, that did not leave, that remained and that today are going forward from the grassroots, from the territory where socialism is built,” he said.

Minister Arreaza also pointed out that socialism has its fundamental experimental field in the immediate territory, where the school is, the doctor’s office, and where family is; from there, the new production relations can generate. New human relations, new relations to communalize life, that is to say, reproduce life, and not capital.

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