The Commune “Chavez Vive” of Lara installed a Communal Cabinet of Public Services

Lara, April 20, 2023 (Mincomunas Press) – This Thursday, a Communal Cabinet of Public Services was installed in the “Chavez Vive” Commune, Catedral Parish, in Lara State, a way of empowering the organized people, hand in hand with State agencies, to solve the problems that afflict the communities.

This territory has 25 Communal Councils and 7,683 families, for 27,000 inhabitants.

In detail, there are nine Hugo Chavez Battle Units (UBCH), 24 Local Supply and Production Committees (CLAP), one mission base, nine schools, 17 medical offices, two feeding centers, three “Simoncitos” Early Education Centers, and 14 sports fields.

Maritza Betancourt, a spokeswoman for the Commune, highlighted the Ven App’s effectiveness, a proposal framed in the 1×10 of Good Government to provide immediate responses to public service complaints that affect the well-being of any community.

“They helped us a lot because we do the reports, and they have assisted us. The institutions, Hidrolara and Corpoelec, have supported us,” he highlighted.

In this context, he pointed out that the drinkable water service is the main focus of attention. Although they have a re-pumping station, it is no longer enough to supply the number of inhabitants.

The People’s Power Minister for the Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, informed us that next Wednesday, there will be work tables where they would examine each problem in coordination with all the levels of government, People’s Power, mayor’s office and governors’ offices.

“We are more efficient in resources, time, and impact when we do it collectively than individually (…) their agenda will become everyone’s agenda”, he said.

Arreaza reiterated that organization is vital to be able to deliver all the competencies, attributions, and capacities of the State.

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